Big Ten Bowl Record Shows Conference's Weak State

Ron StilesCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

It was painful to watch. It became embarrassing to behold. It was the Big Ten invited to the party once again. It was one of five teams in the Big Ten who made us ask why?

Make any argument you want. Quote any stat you can find. You were given a chance. You are one and five.

You have become the redheaded stepchild of football. Can the Big Ten salvage the season with a win over Texas? Probably not. If Ohio State loses to Texas, it will be worse. You will become the laughingstock of the NCAA.

Gone are the favorable preseason polls. Say goodbye to Rose and her postseason dance. The Big Ten will become known as a midwestern nickname, where small means large and someone big is named Tiny. The only automatic you will receive is the automatic fall in the polls when a team in the Big (small) Ten is defeated.

Is it right to place the burden on Ohio State's shoulders? Probably not. They worked, strived, and played to be in a BCS bowl several times.

There are only two BCS conferences that do not have a playoff. The Pac-10 is undefeated in postseason play. USC proves it belongs year in and year out. 

The other, at one and five, and quite possibly one and six, has to do something quick. Say add two teams.

We can call it the Baker's Dozen. Just cook something up quick, or we won't be eating there anymore.