New York Jets Week 16 Report Card: Grading the Offensive Starters vs. the Giants

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2016

New York Jets Week 16 Report Card: Grading the Offensive Starters vs. the Giants

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    The Jets were in control of their own destiny prior to Week 16 against the Giants. There was plenty of trash talk going back and forth between the two New York teams and the team that backed it up was the Giants. 

    Instead of being in control of their own destiny, the Jets lost 29-14 and in classic Jets fashion, blew it.

    In order to make the playoffs, they have to beat the Dolphins and have the Bengals, Titans and either the Broncos or Raiders lose to get the last wild-card spot.

    The defense played well against the Giants, but the offense was just awful.

    Here are the grades for the starters and Brian Schottenheimer in their Week 16 performance against the Giants.

Mark Sanchez: F

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    Hmmmm... where to begin with Mark Sanchez? A 400-page novel could be written about everything he did wrong on Saturday.

    Some quarterbacks are just inconsistent on a game-by-game basis, but the thing with Mark Sanchez is he's inconsistent on a throw-by-throw basis. Some plays he can scramble out of the pocket and absolutely thread the needle with a throw on the run.

    Other plays, he could have all the time in the world, see a open receiver and just deliver the worst pass possible in that scenario, and Saturday we saw plenty of that.

    Sanchez was flat out not accurate and just beaten down. The offensive line could be to blame, giving up five sacks in the second half, but even with time, Sanchez still threw a handful of inaccurate passes.

    The Fox announcers also talked about a pregame conversation they had with Schottenheimer, where he told them that Sanchez needs to improve on his "situational awareness." Sanchez was able to prove his offensive coordinator right and put on display how awful his situational awareness is in two plays.

    One play was on 4th-and-1 in the fourth quarter. Instead of looking for a short man, Sanchez threw long to Dustin Keller. While the Jets got lucky with a pass interference call, you never go long on 4th-and-1 unless the guy has no one within a mile of him.

    The other play was when the Jets were down six with 2:20 seconds on the clock on their own eight. Sanchez dropped back and was pressured so he scrambled into the end zone and took a safety. 

    He also had two interceptions, one going 10 miles over the head of Jeremy Kerley. It seemed to be a misread and it's unclear whose fault it was on that play.

    The fact of the matter is that Sanchez was facing one of the worst secondaries in the league, threw it 59 times and only had 259 yards to show for it. While that may not entirely be his fault, he has shown everyone enough to prove that he is not, and probably will never be, a successful quarterback in the NFL.

Shonn Greene: C+

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    Greene was pretty much a non-factor for the Jets facing the 22nd-ranked rush defense. It wasn't because he did bad, but simply he didn't get the ball much.

    Greene was decent when he did get the ball, rushing for 58 yards on 14 carries, and three catches for 20 yards.

    The Jets should've used Greene more to establish the ground and pound, but gave up on it too quickly and instead opted for Mark Sanchez to throw 59 passes.

Santonio Holmes: D

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    Coming off a horrible game against the Eagles, Santonio Holmes was successful in having another bad game against the Giants.

    Holmes had two dropped passes and struggled against Corey Webster. He finished with only four receptions for 50 yards.

Plaxico Burress: D

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    Facing his old team and being the only captain named for the game and sent to the coin toss, the expectations were pretty high for Plaxico Burress Saturday.

    Burress never got that memo and failed to show up against Aaron Ross and struggled all game.

    When he did show up, he was called for offensive pass interferences and had his touchdown catch called back.

    He ended the day with only three catches for 34 yards.

Offensive Line: F

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    The offensive line appeared to be holding up well against the Giants the first half and had allowed no sacks. Their first half performance alone was an A, but all hell broke loose the second half.

    The Jets allowed five sacks the second half and Sanchez was under constant pressure. Everyone on the Jets offensive line was disappointing.

    D'Brickashaw Ferguson, who is one of the best pass-blocking tackles in the league, struggled the second half against Jason Pierre-Paul and allowed two sacks the second half. He also had a holding call near the end of the first half on third down which was very costly for the Jets.

    Another disappointing veteran was Brandon Moore. He is usually very reliable, but had a handful of costly penalties. 

    Nick Mangold even had a botched snap on the goal line which almost cost the Jets the game right there. Fortunately, the Jets had an interception the next play.

    On the Wayne Hunter scale (compared to his other games), Wayne Hunter gets an A+, as he only allowed one sack to Justin Tuck.

    In the real world, Hunter still did awful.

Dustin Keller: C

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    Dustin Keller had a very shaky first half, starting the game with two dropped passes and also a pass that hit Keller's helmet on a cross during a third down.

    He finished by posting five receptions in the second half became Sanchez's main target this game, catching eight balls for 77 yards. 

Brian Schottenheimer: F

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    Brian Schottenheimer may have buried his own grave with this awful play-calling performance.

    The Giants may have one of the worst secondaries in the league, but no sane person who watches football would ever, EVER, have Mark Sanchez throw 59 times.

    Schottenheimer clearly gave up on the ground and pound, only rushing it 14 times with Greene against the 22nd-ranked rushing defense in the league. The ground and pound wasn't even doing that bad for the Jets to completely throw it out.

    And why a human being would ever trust Mark Sanchez on 4th-and-1 in a shotgun amazes me. It also amazes me how you would call a play where Keller is going long. 

    The main question Jets fans should be thinking is, how much money did Schottenheimer put on the Giants Saturday? Has to be a big amount if he's having Sanchez throw 59 times.