Daniel Bryan: How WWE Should Book the New World Heavyweight Champion

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Daniel Bryan: How WWE Should Book the New World Heavyweight Champion

It happens time and time again.

A star works himself to the bone, getting over with the fans and the backstage audience. Eventually, something they do sparks Mr. McMahon's interest.

That young star finally gets his shot. He get that World Title in his hands, and then he face his toughest challenge: the WWE booking staff.

WWE notoriously can make or break a star as they hold the World Title for the first time. One moment, they are poised to make it big, and the next they have effectively disappeared.

The biggest example that easily comes to mind for most modern fans would be Jack Swagger. Swagger is a good wrestler with decent enough skills to become a player for WWE in the long term, especially with his WWE friendly build.

WWE made the huge miscalculation of handing Swagger the World Heavyweight Championship almost randomly to add fresh blood to the title scene. While the reign lasted almost three months with a clean victory over Randy Orton, Swagger's general booking was horrible.

He wasn't ready for the top spot and was forced into feuds with Rey Mysterio and the young star-killer Big Show, which effectively ended Swagger's reign before it really even got off the ground.

Daniel Bryan is the newest young star to get that main-event push, and he has quite a few hurtles to climb as it is. If Bryan has any chance of becoming a serious main event player and a worthy champion, he must be booked properly, starting from his very first days as champion.

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