WWE and World Heavyweight Champions: The 15 Best in the Ring for Great Matches

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WWE and World Heavyweight Champions: The 15 Best in the Ring for Great Matches
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WWE is on the edge of a renaissance of sorts. The champions leading the company are not a big draw, but rather, the best wrestlers in the business.

Sure, CM Punk has proven that he can make money, but we all know John Cena is the big name for WWE. Even grander, Daniel Bryan is the man with the title over on SmackDown ahead of basically every babyface and heel you expect to hold that title.

In WWE, typically the biggest stars hold the titles. That usually refers to the star that sells the most PPVs, tickets and merchandise because, as we all know, this is a business at the end of the day. However, sometimes the wrestler of the group can find his way to the top of the pack.

This can come about in many different ways. It could be a measure of finally rewarding that star for years of work, perhaps a way of giving the fans some real entertainment at the highest level, or that star could actually become a top draw.

Punk was one of those stars who became a top draw. Bryan is one of those stars that is more there as a present to the fans while possibly being groomed for a higher position in the company down the road.

Many stars through the years have been champions. Most of the great wrestlers eventually get that shot, though, not all of them. Curt Hennig, Ricky Steamboat and Roddy Piper can attest to that.

But who were the greatest 15 wrestlers to ever compete as a World Heavyweight Champion? Who truly made that title an exciting belt to watch being defended every time?

The following is the list of the 15 stars I saw as the greatest stars in creating great World Championship matches on a regular basis, which means not many duds and many great or phenomenal bouts. Many stars will be excluded due to lack of defenses or not quite being up to the same level.

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