Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coaching Search: Part One of Four

Dustin HullAnalyst IDecember 26, 2011

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coaching Search: Part One of Four

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    While it may be more than just jumping the gun, it's fair to begin the speculation on who will replace Raheem Morris as Tampa Bay's new head coach, after the 48-16 drubbing they took against Cam Newton's Panthers.

    Day after day, the future of Morris with the Bucs seems to get bleaker and bleaker, with a string of blowout losses sending out an exclamation to the Glazer family that it's time for a change.

    Whether they tune out the shouting of Buccaneer faithful or not, it's clear that new leadership must be had, leadership that was never quite present with Morris at the helm.

    Sure, the play (or lack there of) is quite excruciating for us that view, and the minimal amount of "want" is even more obvious and troublesome.

    But Morris can't hide the fact that much of the wrongdoing falls in his lap, a product of poor direction, and even worse preparation.

    It's never too early to think ahead, seeing as that's what most Bucs fans would rather do anyway, putting their blinders on while passing the rubble of a destroyed season, as they focus on what the franchise will look like down the road.

    So with that being said, let the premature coaching search begin...

Bill Cowher, CBS Analyst, Former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach

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    The first thing I wanted to write when I began doing my research on the possibilities of Bill Cowher was that he's been thrown around as a replacement to every open coaching spot in the NFL.

    That statement is the full truth, but saying that Cowher doesn't fit the Buccaneers isn't entirely true.

    One thing these players need is correction, right along with a strong leader, which were both lacking under the guidance of Raheem Morris. Cowher, on the other hand, can straighten up this bunch, one dearly needs to be corrected.

    But with that correction, respect will come for Cowher. This young group of players would indeed follow his lead.

    Besides the fact of strong leadership, though, Cowher may not be the coach the Bucs are looking for as they try to build a stronger offense. From looking at the last few games though, they may need to improve a lot more on the other side of the ball as well. And that's right up Cowher's alley.

    But getting Josh Freeman to his full potential looks to still be the number one task, and they need to have the coach that will have the best chance of getting him there.

    Cowher wouldn't be coming along with Russ Grimm like his Steeler days. With that said, Cowher may seem like a dream hire for most NFL teams, but while he should be considered, the chances of him coaching in Tampa Bay, for more than one reason, is rather small.

Rob Chudzinski, Offensive Coordinator, Carolina Panthers

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    Well, after seeing his offense torch the Buccaneers this past Saturday, I officially have to add this guy to the list.

    You may say Cam Newton had a lot to do with that blowout—and how about that defense, or lack there of—but Chudzinski has helped Newton progress nicely in his rookie season, and that's not even his strongest point on the offense.

    That would be tight ends, which he once played at the University of Miami during "the U" days, and has coached the position in San Diego, Cleveland and at Miami. Impressive wouldn't even cut it when talking about the resume of tight ends he has coached.

    He helped produce three All-American tight ends at Miami (Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow and Bubba Franks) and also coached All-Pro Antonio Gates in San Diego.

    Not only has he coached Winslow at Miami, he also coached him in Cleveland, and may get his chance to do the same in Tampa Bay.

    While tight ends may be Chudzinski's forte, he is showing that it's not his only area of strength, helping take Carolina out of the NFC South cellar (who's in last again?).

    Some may debate if he's ready to take the highest coaching position, seeing as he was solely coaching just tight ends only last season.

    But Chudzinski's name should certainly be in consideration for this job, and others around the league.

Perry Fewell, Defensive Coordinator, New York Giants

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    Though he probably won't be forced out the door along with Tom Coughlin if the Giants do indeed fire their current coach, Perry Fewell looks more than ready to take the next step in his career.

    He had a short interim head coaching stint with Buffalo last season and finished 3-4 with a less-than-impressive Bills squad that has fired then-coach Dick Jauron.

    Fewell is another defensive mind, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't get his fair share of consideration from Tampa Bay. Of course, there are certain to be several teams looking at the possibilities of his services, after already taking a few interviews last year.

    I believe he could go back to more of his cover 2 schemes, ones that would fit the Buccaneers to a tee. The players in Tampa Bay would love him, with just enough Morris in him, along with better command of his squad.

    I would consider Fewell a big-time hire, and also a strong fit for the organization, if they decide they don't necessarily need an offensive mind.