Alabama Football: BCS Championship Starting Line Up and Depth Chart by Position

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IDecember 28, 2011

Alabama Football: BCS Championship Starting Line Up and Depth Chart by Position

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    Larry Burton (Syndicated Writer) No game this season is going to wind up being as important to the Crimson Tide as the next one.

    Clearly, these are the best two teams in all of college football, and the game is much more thn just the two best teams settling the argument over which is best.

    It comes down to a man-on-man contest in every position and just one failure from just one of those people can be the difference.

    Here is the projected lineup and depth chart for this game based on practice reports, the health of each participant and more.

Offensive Line

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    Left Tackle

    Barrett Jones - Jr. -  6'5'', 311 pounds, special note: Back, finally healthy again with good ankle

    Tyler Love - Jr. - 6'6'', 307 pounds


    Left Guard

    Chance Warmack - Jr. -  6'3'', 320 pounds, special note: Gets better each game.

    John Michael Boswell - Sr. - 6'5'', 300 pounds



    William Vlachos - Sr. - 6'1'', 295 pounds, special note: Final game in Crimson, stellar career.

    Kellen Williams - Soph. - 6'3'', 307 pounds

    Chad Lindsey - Fr. - 6'2'' , 290 pounds


    Right Guard

    Alfred McCullough - Sr. - 6'2'', 311 pounds, special note: Great recent play beats out Steen

    Anthony Steen - Soph. - 6'3'', 303 pounds, special note: Will see lots of playing time


    Right Tackle

    D.J. Fluker - Jr. - 6'6'', 340 pounds, special note: Announced he'd come back for Sr. season

    Austin Shepherd - Fresh. - 6'5'', 325 pounds

    This line is missing depth and in the last game, that hurt the Tide as starters got nicked up.  In this game, the starters must remain healthy and avoid injuries. This is the weak link in the Tide's armor in this game.

Tight Ends

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    Tight End

    Michael Williams - Jr. - 6'6'', 271 pounds, special note: great run blocking tight end

    Chris Underwood - Sr. - 6'4'', 249 pounds

    Brian Vogler - Fresh. - 6'7'', 255 pounds, special note: real star of the future


    Tight End

    Brad Smelley - Sr. - 6'3'', 231 pounds, special note: great third down receiver, reliable pass-catcher

    Harrison Jones - Fresh. - 6'4'', 249 pounds


    Alabama uses their tight ends more than than most teams in passing situations. All of Alabama's tight ends do a good job, with Smelley doing a better job. But where these tight ends shine is in run-blocking.


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    Wide Receiver

    Marquis Maze - Sr. -5'10'', 181 pounds, special note: Must provide a spark and scores for Alabama

    Brandon Gibson - Sr. - 6'2'', 194 pounds

    Christion Jones - Fresh. - 5'11'', 175 pounds


    Wide Receiver

    Darius Hanks - Sr. - 6'0'', 186 pounds, special note: Must keep drives alive with possession catches

    Kenny Bell - Soph. - 6'1'', 175 pounds

    DeAndrew White - Fresh. - 6'0'', 182 pounds, special note: Provided sparks in other games

    For Alabama to beat LSU, Darius Hanks is going to have to make tough catches to keep drives alive and Maze must keep them honest deep.  Look for Alabama to use a myriad of different receivers through the game in hopes of having one of them strike lightning.

Running Backs

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    Running Backs

    Trent Richardson - Jr. - 5'11'', 225 pounds, special note: Must play the game of his life

    Eddie Lacy - Soph. - 6'0'', 222 pounds, special note: Didn't get to play much in the last game with injury.

    Jalston Fowler - Soph. - 6'1'', 250 pounds


    The running backs have to work as they have for most of the season, as chain-movers and touchdown-makers. In the last game, Lacy's turf toe kept him on the sideline and Richardson got worn down.

    Having a healthy pair of seasoned running backs could be just the difference the Tide needs in this game.


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    A.J. McCarron - Soph. - 6'4'', 205 pounds, special note: Missed seeing a wide-open man last time; must convert touchdowns in the next game and make every drive productive this time.

    Phillip Sims - Fresh. - 6'2'', 217 pounds

    Phillip Ely - Fresh. - 6'1'', 187 pounds

Defensive Line

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    Nose Guard

    Josh Chapman - Sr. - 6'1'', 310 pounds, special note: Chapman must contain Jordan Jefferson if possible

    Nick Gentry - Sr. - 6'1'', 285 pounds


    Defensive End

    Jesse Williams - Jr. - 6'4'', 319 pounds, special note: Must temper pass rush with containment for Jefferson

    Quinton Dial - Jr. - 6'6'', 295 pounds, special note: A former starter, he's a solid contributor

    Undra Billingsley - Jr. - 6'2'', 288 pounds, special note: Solid contributor, no drop off when he plays


    Defensive End

    Damion Square - Jr. - 6'3'', 287 pounds, special note: The most experienced defensive end; smart

    Ed Stinson - Soph. - 6'4'', 281 pounds

    This is as deep and solid as any 3-4 defensive line in the country. Their job may not be to provide a strong pass-rush in this game, but help contain a very mobile and shifty Jordan Jefferson.


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    Jerrell Harris - Sr. - 6'3'', 242 pounds

    Adrian Hubbard - Fresh. - 6'6'', 237 pounds, special note: Also backs up at Jack linebacker



    Dont'a Hightower - Jr. - 6'4'', 262 pounds, special note: Signal caller and leader, solid run supporter

    Trey DePriest - Fresh. - 6'2'', 242 pounds, special note: Superstar of the future, reliable now

    Chris Jordan - Sr. - 6'3'', 242 pounds



    Nico Johnson - Jr. - 6'3'', 246 pounds, special note: Gotten better every game this season, took job from C.J. Mosely

    C.J. Mosely - Soph. - 6'2'', 234 pounds, former starter, very good athlete, no drop off when playing

    Tana Patrick - Soph. - 6'3'', 236 pounds, Solid backup with little drop off



    Courtney Upshaw - Sr. - 6'2'', 265 pounds, Bama's best pass rusher, plays with a mean streak

    Adrian Hubbard - Fresh. - 6'6'', 237 pounds, special note: Also backs up at Sam linebacker

    Xzavier Dixon - Fresh. - 6'3'', 241 pounds


    The defense's fortunes will rest in these men's hands. They must keep Jordan Jefferson from beating them with his legs and keeping him in front of him all night long.

    They can and will freely substitute all night long and be a force that tries to dictate terms of the game on LSU.

Defensive Backs

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    Corner Back

    DeQuan Menzie - Sr. - 6'0'', 200 pounds

    Dee Milliner - Soph. - 6'1'', 197 pounds, special note: No drop off when Milliner is in


    Corner Back

    Dre Kirkpatrick -  Jr. - 6'3'', 195 pounds, special note: Could be leaving early for the NFL after the game.

    Phelon Jones -  Sr. - 5'11'', 195 pounds, special note: Jones is a former LSU Tiger himself.


    Strong Safety

    Robert Lester - Jr. - 6'2'', 211 pounds, special note: slight drop off in interceptions from last season

    Vinnie Sunseri - Fresh. - 6'0'', 217 pounds, special note: made big strides all season long, now reliable

    Jarrick Williams - Soph. - 6'1'', 212 pounds


    Free Safety

    Mark Barron - Sr. - 6'2'', 220 pounds - Special Note: Leader of the group, leaving for the NFL

    Nick Perry - Soph. - 5'10'', 206 pounds

    HaSean Dixon - Fresh. - 6'1'', 204 pounds


    In this game, LSU will try and beat Alabama with the running game and athleticism of Jordan Jefferson and his legs, but the they'll take shots down the field to keep the Tide honest.

    When they do, this group must be able to stop it as well as support the running game.

Kicking Specialists and Support Members

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    Jeremy Shelley - Jr. - 5'10'', 165 pounds, special note: Shelley is starting place kicker

    Cade Foster - Soph. - 6'1'', 217 pounds, special note: Foster is starting kick off specialist



    A.J. McCarron - Soph. - 6'4'', 205 pounds, special note: Also starting quarterback

    Hardie Buck - Jr. - 5'9'' - 190 pounds, special note: Buck is a back up receiver


    Long Snapper

    Carson Tinker - Jr. - 6'1'', 222 pounds, special note: Hasn't muffed a snap all season long

    Kelly Johnson - Sr. - 6'3'', 233 pounds

Kick and Punt Return Specialists

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    Punt Return

    Marquis Maze - Sr. - 5'10'', 180 pounds, special note: His last game as Alabama's return specialist

    Kenny Bell - Soph. - 6'1'', 175 pounds

    DeAndrew White - 6'0'', 182 pounds


    Kick Off Return

    Marquis Maze

    Trent Richardson - Jr. 5'11', 225 pounds, special note: Alabama's starting running back

    Darius Hanks - Sr. - 6'0'', 185 pounds, special note: Alabama's starting wide receiver

    Dee Miliner - Soph. - 6'1'', 198 pounds, special note: Alabama's starting corner back

    If this group can spark a quick touchdown, they could easily turn the game in the favor of the Crimson Tide.

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