NBA Rumors: Jim Buss' Complacency Is Torching Lakers' Shot at Dwight Howard

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistDecember 25, 2011

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 04:  Kobe Bryant listens as Derek Fisher, President of the National Basketball Players Association, speaks at a press conference after NBA labor negotiations at The Westin Times Square on October 4, 2011 in New York City.
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Jim Buss is so delusional that he's happy with the roster the Lakers currently have, and even told the Los Angeles Times' T.J. Simers, "I think we have a championship team, and that's without making another move.".

Did Buss not see the Mavericks mop the floor with the Lakers last postseason? Maybe losing Lamar Odom, replacing Phil Jackson with Mike Brown and letting Kobe Bryant get a year older are Buss' secret to bringing home a championship.

The Lakers got royally shafted by the NBA in the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lake Show, but now is not the time for Buss to get complacent.

A roster shakeup is needed. Pau Gasol is soft, Odom is gone and Andrew Bynum is always hurt.

They got virtually nothing for Odom, and rather than trading Gasol separately and leaving a huge void in their frontcourt, they need to package the tandem and make one last run at Dwight Howard.

Howard would give them the potential to compete for a championship not only now, but in the future. He's going to be the favorite to obtain Defensive Player of the Year honors year in and year out, he's the most dominant big man in the game and he and Kobe can form the best little-man-big-man combo the NBA has seen since Shaq was in town.

The current Lakers roster is not a championship-caliber team. Hopefully this is a ploy by Buss to downplay his interest in Howard, rather than a heinous display of his ignorance.

Kobe can't carry the team to another championship. Although they are going to crack the postseason, the Lakers can't hope to win it all this year, and they're doomed once No. 24 calls it quits.