Philadelphia Eagles Sweep Dallas Cowboys, but There Is No Reason for Celebration

Ron PasceriCorrespondent IIDecember 25, 2011

Beating the Cowboys has lost some of its luster.
Beating the Cowboys has lost some of its luster.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Every Eagles fan has heard this famous saying: "No matter what happens, if we beat Dallas twice, it was a good season."

It is sad to think there was a whole generation of Eagles fans that truly believed that.

Between 1967-77 the Eagles were a pitiful team. They held a record of 48-100-6 in that span. Worse still, they lost 19 of 22 games during that stretch. 

The following year Dick Vermeil came to town and brought the Eagles to respectability.

Some Eagles fans who grew up in the 1960s and '70s still feel this way. Some of their kids were taught to feel this way too. Since Buddy Ryan took over in 1986, the Eagles have bested the Cowboys, 30-25.

The Eagles are not the bullied child anymore; they are actually on equal footing now. It's a loser's mentality to think that beating Dallas is that meaningful anymore. There is no more Tom Landry. There is no Roger Staubach or Tony Dorsett or Bob Hayes or Randy White. Those days are over.

The Cowboys are still a rival, and beating them is fun, but they shouldn't be put on that pedestal anymore. The Giants are actually more of a rival than the Cowboys now.

Since Andy Reid took over and the Eagles became a perennially good team, the Eagles are 16-13 over the Giants, including two wins and a loss in three playoff battles. The Eagles have won six NFC East titles to the Giants' three. The Giants even won a Super Bowl and appeared in another one.

Against Dallas, the Eagles are 17-10, and the Cowboys have won just two division championships and just a single postseason game.

These are not your father's Dallas Cowboys. There is no reason to revel in beating a team that is eminently beatable.

There is especially no reason to celebrate sweeping the season series, because next week Dallas will be playing for the NFC East crown. The sweep has to feel hollow, because despite the two losses the Cowboys can still move on while the Eagles go home.

It's good to beat your divisional opponents, but all that really matters is winning in the standings after Week 17. The Cowboys won that battle, and the Eagles can't get their revenge for another 53 weeks.

There is no celebration in that.