NFL Week 16: 5 Last Minute Surefire Starters

A BContributor IIIDecember 24, 2011

NFL Week 16: 5 Last Minute Surefire Starters

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    It's less than an hour from game-time and those who are preparing to play their championship games this week are probably sitting in front of their computers, pulling their hair out.

    Before Week 16 kicks off, let's take a look at five guys that people shouldn't be worrying about starting for the big game.

5) Antonio Brown

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    All I've heard since Ben Roethlisberger was announced to sit against St. Louis is that people should consider sitting all Steelers receivers not named Mike Wallace. To me, that's a preposterous statement, especially if you're playing a PPR league.

    Mike Wallace will continue to be targeted as a No. 1 wideout, but Antonio Brown is still a push as far as targets. And regardless if Charlie Batch starts, he will get looks. Wallace will continue to be the favorite, but Batch won't completely forget Brown.

    Against the Rams defense, watch for Brown to be open for a big play.

    Projected Points: 12

4) Marshawn Lynch

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    Regardless of how amazing San Francisco's defense has been against the run this year, "Beast Mode" is a must start. 

    Lynch may not see a huge game compared to his previous two or three games, but he may be the player to post the first couple TD's on the ground against the Niners, unlike their previous opponents.

    He may get keyed on because the Seattle passing game is far from perfect, but they won't be able to stack the box the entire game. Besides, Lynch is a bulldozer, and he'll find ways through the defense.

    Projected Points: 16

3) Demaryius Thomas

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    There are other receivers on the Broncos, but so far, Thomas has become the favorite of Tim Tebow. He gets the most looks by far, and although he may not be the big-play threat that Eric Decker is, he will be the one to rack up the yards.

    Thomas should be good for at least one score, but against Buffalo's recently suspect defense, it wouldn't be a surprise to see multiple TD's if they aren't careful.

    Whether you love him or hate him, Tebow finds ways to win, and Thomas has become a big part of that.

    Projected Points: 14

2) Plaxico Burress

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    Plaxico Burress has been rough in the past couple games, but now the Giants and Jets are preparing to clash in New York, and Plax is already shooting off against his former team.

    Don't bet against him this week. The Giants have been pretty bad against the pass as of late, and Burress is a big target in the redzone for Mark Sanchez.

    Expect a less-than-warm homecoming for Burress this afternoon, but you can bet that he'll silence the fans in blue pretty quickly.

    Projected Points: 16 

1) Kahlil Bell

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    Kahlil Bell has emerged as the proper band-aid for the Matt Forte injury over Marion Barber. Against the Packers, it won't come easily, but Bell should be in for another big game.

    With the passing game struggling, the offense is going to be centered around Bell and the running game, so he could see the end-zone. 

    The Bears probably won't pull a Chiefs and beat their rivals from Wisconsin, but Bell should help you pull ahead in your championship game.

    Projected Points: 18