Tim Tebow and 4 NFL Players Who Are Worth the Headaches They Cause

Jon Dove@https://twitter.com/#!/Jon_Dove42Contributor IDecember 24, 2011

Tim Tebow and 4 NFL Players Who Are Worth the Headaches They Cause

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    Everybody in the NFL is measured by their ability to win football games. Winning games in the NFL comes in many different shapes and forms. However, the majority of success comes because of a few dominant players.

    The league is filled with plenty of players who help their teams win games but also cause distractions. Some teams are willing to endure a player's problems in order to win football games, but others would rather cut ties with these controversial players.

Reggie Bush

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    Reggie Bush can be found in news headlines just about as much as he can in the end zone. Bush's media circuses include his troubles at USC, dating Kim Kardashian and making derogatory statements about his team. However, despite all those distractions he makes explosive plays on the football field.

    Bush compiled over 1,200 total yards of offense and seven total touchdowns. He has been one of the lone bright spots for this Miami Dolphins football team. If Bush continues to produce everyone will be willing to keep up with the Kardashians.

Vincent Jackson

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    Vincent Jackson wants a long-term contract and isn't afraid to let that be known. Last season, he missed the majority of the season holding out because of his contract dispute. The holdout was a major distraction for the San Diego Chargers, but part of that falls on GM AJ Smith.

    Jackson more than earned a long-term contract. He is one of the game's best at stretching the field and making big plays. The combination of Jackson and Philip Rivers has led the Chargers to several playoff appearances. This season alone, Jackson has compiled over 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns.

James Harrison

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    Unfortunately, most people know of James Harrison because of his run-ins with the league and commissioner Roger Goodell. He has been suspended, fined and criticized for his head-hunting. The NFL feels that Harrison intentionally targets the head area of defenseless players.

    Despite all the fines and illegal hits, Harrison is still one of the top 10 defensive players in the entire NFL. His ability to create pressure and chase down the ball carrier changes the outcome of games. Harrison's ferocious play actually makes him one of the most feared players in the NFL.

Tim Tebow

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    It might not be fair to say that Tim Tebow creates a headache for his team. The distractions are more caused by the media's focus on him. However, it has been difficult for the Denver Broncos organization to deal with the day to day questions surrounding Tebow.

    John Elway, John Fox and the rest of the coaching staff are constantly asked about Tebow and his future with the team. The Broncos try to keep things focused on the play on the field and avoid giving the media more fuel. Instead of discussing the success of the entire team, Fox and company are forced to discuss Tebow.

    Despite all the distractions, John Fox will gladly answer questions about Tebow if it results in a playoff berth. Since taking over as the starter, Tebow has gone 7-2 and put the Broncos on track for a playoff berth.