2011-12 NHL Rosters: 5 Teams Getting Least Return on Investment

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2011-12 NHL Rosters: 5 Teams Getting Least Return on Investment
The much-ballyhooed Edsel did not live up to expectations

Everyone wants bargains at Christmas time.

People wait in line overnight after Thanksgiving to get the Black Friday specials. Some of the same people will be in the malls after Christmas to get the items on clearance.

Hockey is as frugal a sport as any, in part because so few teams turn a profit.

Last weekend, I highlighted the eight teams that have the best bargain rosters in the NHL. All eight were in the bottom half of the league in spending and projected to earn over 90 points and a playoff berth.

But which teams are the ones spending lots of money for toys that do not work?

Right now, eight teams in the top half of the league in roster spending (according to CapGeek.com as of last weekend) are not on pace to make the playoffs. Among them are two teams currently over the cap.

However, no matter how much it costs to get a point in the standings, if your payroll gets you enough to make the playoffs, it is worth it.

That is why this list cuts off right before the Washington Capitals ($1.35 million spent per point in the standings)—their shootout loss Friday night keeps them almost a half-point better than Ottawa in the projected final standings.

The Carolina Hurricanes and Edmonton Oilers are among the seven teams earning fewer points for every million spent than Washington. But Carolina has the third-lowest payroll in the league and Edmonton, while barely in the top half (15th), is playing for the future.

That leaves five teams that are under-performing to levels worthy of such a list...

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