WWE Hanukkah Celebration: Dreidel and the Four WWE Moments

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIDecember 24, 2011

WWE Hanukkah Celebration: Dreidel and the Four WWE Moments

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    Christmas may still be a day away, but Hanukkah started on the 20th of December.  One of the best games to play is the game of dreidel.

    The game's rules are simple. There is a pot of counters and each participant has a certain amount of counters. Then the players spin the dreidel, which is a special top, to see what action they can take.

    The sides correspond to: nun, in which a player does nothing; hei—they get half the pot, which, if it is an odd number is rounded to the nearest whole number; shin, in which they have to add one of their counters to the pot; and gimel, which rewards the whole pot, then the players add one of their counters each to make a new pot.

    The game is over when only one player has any counters left.

    With that said, here are four moments that took place in the WWE this year that respond to each side.

Shin: Alberto Del Rio Wins the WWE Title

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    Alberto Del Rio showed some promise at the beginning of his WWE run, but now it feels like he is being shoved down fans' throats. His talk of destiny is starting to get annoying.

    His character has no depth.  No one really knows why they should hate him.

    Because he's rich? We may be in an economic downturn, but it will take more than that for fans to despise him.

    His ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, seems more animated then Del Rio himself. In fact after Del Rio's match at TLC, the Internet was buzzing about the fall that Rodriguez took from the top of a ladder and through a table.

    When a character who is supposed to enhance the main villain outshines him, it doesn't bode well for the heel.

    Del Rio's championship run was luckily short and hopefully fans won't have to see another one.

Nun: John Cena Wins the Title After CM Punk Leaves

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    John Cena was able to win the title from Rey Mysterio. Though Punk quickly returned at the end of the episode to shake things up again for a few seconds, it was back to the status quo.

    Cena was able to beat someone no matter how much of an underdog he might have been, because he was the company man and they weren't going to take the title away from him.

    After all, how could they? The design was one that Cena made back when he was portraying a white rapper.

    Many fans might hate Cena and see him regaining the title as a negative, but it is really was just a return to form.

    Unfortunately for the WWE, that was stagnant.

    Fortunately it was changed quickly.

Hei: Christian Finally Wins the Title

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    Fans of Christian have longed for him to win a major championship in the WWE for what feels like forever.

    And in 2011 he finally did. He held the title for two days.

    For fans to see a great wrestler get his shot and lose it so quickly outraged many. It might have been something that wasn't even in the pipeline if Edge hadn't been forcibly retired right before Christian's win.

    Regardless, fans were ecstatic that he got the opportunity for whatever reason and grew angry when he wasn't given what many felt was a real run with the belt.

    It definitely felt as if fans won something, but didn't get everything they were promised.

Gimel: CM Punk's Groundbreaking Promo

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    There are plenty of moments that could have taken this place, but only one turned wrestling on its head and changed the direction it was going.

    That was CM Punk's promo right before Money in the Bank back when fans were sure he was leaving the WWE.

    Things were bleakest then as he was one of the shining spots of the WWE roster and his potential loss would mean that the company was going to miss out on yet another talent that could have turned their company around.

    And then he unleashed the most impressive promo that the WWE had seen in years and woke it out of its stupor.

    It was something that almost didn't happen and it could've been devastating for the WWE if it hadn't.

    But instead of landing on a bad roll, it ended up changing everything.

    Now that the WWE has the whole pot, it will be interesting to see what they do with it, but as for now they have done well with this being the best moment of 2011.