The Backdoor Cover: Week 16 NFL Picks

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The Backdoor Cover: Week 16 NFL Picks

Been meaning to go check my YTD Won/Loss record – I’m positive I’m in the black (never a doubt) and last week went 5-2. In next week’s season finale, I’ll unveil the final numbers.

Liked the Colts last night, but not enough to make an official play and turn in my picks early.

This week finds us with some small home favorites that everyone is overlooking and some road teams that still have a lot to play for at the end of the season. And also, we bet on the Buccaneers.

These games will win us back all the presents we bought for this weekend. Good luck to us all in whatever you celebrate.


DALLAS -1 vs Philadelphia – Let me make sure I’ve got it. Bettors overvalue Eagles to start season, they lose everyone money. Bettors lose faith in Eagles; they play better and go on win streak. Bettors think Eagles can win out and back them on the road versus Dallas, spoiler: they are going to lose. Look, I’ve been cashing on the eagles lately but it’s time to switch sides. Dallas will pull it off here. They will regroup at home. We all know this. They win this week and end the Eagles playoff chances.

NY JETS -3 vs NY Giants – Speaking of NFC East playoff chances, the Giants will be knocked off against the Jets ending their hopes as well. The Eli from early season has gone away. I don’t know where, just not on the football field anymore. The Jets have to win this game and will play like it. It is nice to have this game mean something again though. I’m just kidding, I’m not from New York so like the rest of the country, and I don’t really care.

DETROIT-1 vs San Diego – We have been riding the Chargers lately. However, now it’s time to abandon ship. Detroit can clinch a playoff spot with a win here yet everyone is thinking the Chargers are back. Don’t believe in Norv. Say it with me – Don’t believe in Norv. I knew he would get back into the hunt but it’s going to end very badly as usual for San Diego. On a fantasy note – I couldn’t be happier to have Ryan Matthews in a keeper league. Guy is a beast.

SEATTLE +1 vs San Francisco – This game sets up as a trap for the Niners. I have always disliked the Seahawks for whatever reason, but I have played on them a lot this year with positive results. San Fran will be happy to not get any injuries and the Seattle will be happy to win a low-scoring game for the home crowd. Just let the script play out and take the ‘Hawks.

TAMPA BAY +9 @ Carolina – I have got to quit betting on the Buccaneers. They are terrible. However, I can’t resist getting nine points to a defense-less Panthers squad. Why do you set these lines Vegas? Side note – I just visited Disney World and the Pirates of the Caribbean has been updated with Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow everywhere. Kind of creepy.

ARIZONA +4 @ Cincinnati – Do you believe in miracles? NO? Well, do you believe in one mediocre team staying within a field goal of another mediocre team? We all do. The surging Cardinals have enough to play for to give the offensively challenged Bengals enough to handle I believe. Also, Kevin Kolb has to be the biggest bust of the season right? From a non-fantasy perspective at least.

MIAMI +9.5 @ New England – This just seems like a game the Dolphins stay within double-digits. How about Reggie Bush this year? I have him in a keeper league (large league) I have to keep him as my 8th right? It’s a PPR league and he’s been killing this year. I had high hopes for Daniel Thomas but nothing about his performance says a lesser role for Bush next season. His season is getting lost in the shuffle but good for him. He does deserve to get made fun of for being traded for a piece of pizza though.

DENVER-1 @ Buffalo – Denver has a chance to make the playoffs for the first time since 2005. They simply aren’t good enough to beat teams like New England. However, they should be able to beat the Bills with so much on the line. They have Tebow. All Denver needs to do to cover is win the game. Do the math.

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