Nominations for a New College Football Award

Jay HendryCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

I’m instituting a new collegiate football award.  It is a single-game award that awards the best bowl performance.  Think of it as a post-season Heisman.  I think I’ll call it the Postman.

Bowls generally provide the most memorable games in college football history.  Would Vince Young be so legendary without putting up about 1,000 yards against USC in the national championship?  Vince Young: Retroactive Postman Winner

Would Peter Warrick have been such an NFL bust without his magical performance against Mike Vick’s Virginia Tech?  Speaking of Vick, I think his performance in that game changed the college QB position forever.

With only one week left in bowl season, we’ve already seen quite a few memorable performances.  Here’s a few standouts: 

(WVU–UNC)  Hakeem Nicks– 8 catches, 217 Receiving yards, 3 TDs

(WVU–UNC)  Pat White– 26/32, 332 Passing yards, 55 Rushing yards, 3 TDs

(Miami–Cal)  Jahvid Best– 20 carries, 186 yards, 2 TDs

(USC East–Iowa)  Shonn Greene– 29 carries, 121 yards, 3 TDs.

Those were off of the top of my head.  Twenty seven bowl games have been played so far, and I’ve missed a few. 

Give me some nominations and I’ll make a poll at the end of the bowl season for the first-ever Bleacher Report Postman.