Miami Dolphins Injury Bug Continues

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Miami Dolphins Injury Bug Continues
Miami Dolphins tight-end Anthony Fasano getting tackled.

Miami Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano will be watching Sunday's game against the New England Patriots on the sidelines with a head injury. He did not pass the protocol tests in time to be cleared for Christmas Eve's game.

Quarterback Matt Moore came back from a concussion last week also, so the head injuries are coming often within the Dolphins.

There were questions as to where he could have been concussed, and I cannot think of where he could have hit his head. Regardless, he is out for Sunday's game, and fullback/tight end Charles Clay will get the start.

Fasano has been a major target down-field for quarterback Matt Moore but so has Charles Clay. This will not affect the Dolphins' play calls.

Keep an eye out for the Dolphins vs. Patriots Christmas Eve preview tomorrow.

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