Matt Barkley Is Staying at USC: How Does That Affect the Miami Dolphins?

Mark LoiselleContributor IIDecember 23, 2011

QB Matt Barkley staying at USC
QB Matt Barkley staying at USCJeff Gross/Getty Images

Matt Barkley gave the University of Southern California an early Christmas gift by announcing on Thursday his decision to stay for another season. The Trojans quarterback was a player on the Miami Dolphins' 2012 NFL Draft board, but now they can cross him off their wish list. 

The Miami Dolphins' chances of finding a long-term franchise quarterback are becoming slimmer. The Dolphins thought Barkley would be the answer to the quarterback position.

He was arguably the most NFL-ready quarterback on the board, behind Heisman finalist Stanford's Andrew Luck. This season, Barkley has recorded 3,528 passing yards, 39 touchdowns and seven interceptions with the Trojans.

We can only fantasize about watching the USC combination of Barkley and running back Reggie Bush lead the offensive attack for the Miami Dolphins. The team must look towards drafting former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III (RG III) or trade for Luck.

It will be hard to draft both the Heisman trophy winner and Luck since teams will find both players difficult to pass on.

Those in the USC organization have to have smiles on their faces now that Barkley is staying. He is a potential Heisman Trophy candidate and could potentially lead the team to a BCS championship.