WWE Minutiae: Sheamus and Cody Rhodes Need a Feud Now

T. SchaeferAnalyst IIIDecember 23, 2011


I have to be honest. I'm bored of Sheamus.

Since Christian went down with an ankle injury, Sheamus has been a listless soul. Defeating jobber after jobber has done nothing to elevate him back to the main event status he so richly deserves.

Blessed with a strong body and a unique style in the ring, the "Celtic Warrior" is a natural talent in many areas.

His promos, surprisingly, aren't bad either. But he's simply treading water until the road to WrestleMania begins in earnest.

Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, has done well in his time as Intercontinental Champion.

Robert Aitken laid out a strong argument that Rhodes fulfilled his promise to restore prestige to the fallen mid-card title. Rhodes is dynamic in the ring and has some solid feuds with Ted DiBiase and Booker T.

Both men need something to do, so why not feud them with one another?

Since Vengeance, Sheamus hasn't done very much on the pay-per-view scene. His last match against Jack Swagger at TLC was thrown in the last minute to eat some time on the pay-per-view.

Sheamus has been surprisingly good as a face. He hits all the right motions in the ring and does have a good promo style that's enduring to audience.

Rhodes has proven to be a great heel. The WWE gave him the ball when he cleanly defeated Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Championship. Rhodes stood up to the likes of Triple H and even defeated Sheamus in a 10-man battle royal to retain his title.

Rhodes is a strong talent and has carried bigger wrestlers to good matches, as witnessed by his small feud with Jackson.

Igniting the feud is easily done by basing it around Cody's title. Both men tend to be underrated in multiple areas and such a feud could elevate the two stars. Particularly if Rhodes were to pin the "Celtic Warrior."

In the midst of the strong feud between Barrett and Orton and the brewing fight between Big Show and Daniel Bryan, it wouldn't hurt to have a fallback position. Granted Rhodes is still feuding with Booker, but there isn't much mileage left in the storyline.

Simply put, this is one that needs to happen.