The Down-Low on Jerry Jones' Decision in Big-D

Melissa FalicaContributor IJanuary 1, 2009

That is the question on the mind of all Dallas fans pertaining to the head-coaching job of Wade Phillips.

According to Jerry Jones, Phillips’ job is safe in Dallas and Phillips himself plans to implement stricter policies on and off the field.

Yet fans are divided on whether or not they want him back and many believe that Jones will eventually fire Phillips before the new season.

But Jones will not fire Wade Phillips because he is exactly the kind of coach that Jerry Jones wants in Dallas.

Jerry Jones wants control over everything that goes on within the Cowboys organization. He not only wants to be the owner and general manager of the team, but he also wants to call the shots and act as head coach.

Why was Bill Parcells scratched from Dallas? We all know it was not due to his track record. Parcells was ousted because he was not a pushover like Phillips; he did not let Jerry Jones call the shots, which everyone knows Jones loves to do.

The guy stands on the sidelines practically every game, interacting with coaches and players, putting his two cents into every aspect of the game.

A head coach with a mind of his own, like Bill Parcells, would simply ignore Jones and do the job he or she was hired to do, which is coaching the team. On the other hand, a head coach like Wade Phillips can basically be described as a puppet; not calling shots on his or her own, but rather calling shots that are dictated to them by Jones himself.

Dallas fans who are unsure of Wade Phillips’ status should forget about the possibility of his firing. In the case that he is fired, they should expect a coach with similar abilities and a team with similar performances.