Derek Lowe Declines New York Mets' Offer

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIJanuary 1, 2009

     Derek Lowe has reportedly declined the three year $36 offer from the New York Mets.  Lowe and the Mets are still negotiating. Here's my advice, don't hold your breath on this signing.

     Since Lowe declined the offer it doesn't mean the Mets won't get him.  The offer wasn't meant to overwhelm him, it was just an offer that they can build on with Lowes opinion in what he really wants.

     This declining is actually good for the Mets, if Lowe didn't care about the Mets he probably would've let the offer rot.  He's showing that he wants to negotiate with the Mets, and we got him right were we want him.