My Top Twelve-and-a-Half New Years Resolutions

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My Top Twelve-and-a-Half New Years Resolutions

Besides losing weight and finding eternal love, I have other more accomplishable (if that is even a real word) New Years resolutions that deal with sports.

Sports have been good to me, but I have not really been that great back over the past year or so. Sports have given me entertainment, and all I have given back is...well nothing really besides writing satire articles that all consistently have been low blows to sports.

So here are my resolutions this year in an attempt to be a better overall fan:

1. Actually pay more attention to the Super Bowl game rather than the commercials (the top reason being the article picture, don't want to miss anything like that).

2. In accordance with No. 1, promise not to watch whatever terrible over-the-hill performer during the Super Bowl half time show.

3. For probably the first time ever research the teams in the March Madness bracket before picking my games. This is instead of my old methods of picking all 5-12 games as upsets and not having any No. 1 seeds in the Final Four.

4. Watch all Final Four games...I only say this because for the most part I only care about watching the actual championship game.

5. Give Jay Mariotti one more try (this is definitely going to be the first resolution I am going to break, but I will try).

6. Watch a full NHL game that is not a playoff game, or a Bridgestone Winter Classic.

7. Watch a full NBA game that is not a playoff game.

8. Stay up for all seven rounds of the NFL draft and not want to kill Chris Berman by round five.

9. Actually believe "There is always next year" when I am talking about the Cubs, because there is always 2010.

10. Not miss my fantasy football draft and if I do, then I will not claim that I am genius at fantasy football when the computer picked the base of my championship team.

11. Not watch a NFL preseason game because it is immoral to charge regular season prices for an exhibition game.

12. Go to more live sporting events

12.5. And finally this one is in conjunction with No. 12, hence it only counts as half a resolution. This is one resolution that I have said I would do and never gone through with ever since I can remember: Actually go streaking during a live TV game. Just kidding...but I really want to do that.

I am sure there are some other ones that I am missing, but for now this is a good starting list. Happy New Years everyone!

And as an added bonus resolution I will post on The Skip Bayless Report as often as I can, so all you loyal fans can continue to get the highest quality of sports non-news out there.

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