WWE News: Is Alberto Del Rio Really Being Taken Seriously on Raw?

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistDecember 23, 2011

Take one of the best in-ring stars in WWE currently with charisma in droves and give them horribly repetitive writing to work with. The result: Alberto Del Rio.

At the beginning of Del Rio's career, he was already on the fast track to success. He gained serious wins against major stars, especially his clean submission victory over Rey Mysterio.

He would keep rising as his in-ring grappling ability shined. He seemed untouchable as he dominated his way to the World Heavyweight Championship picture. Then he hit a snag.

Del Rio lost each of his attempts at the World Title to Edge and Christian respectively, leaving his "destiny" unfulfilled. This would lead to Del Rio changing brands to Raw, and, after winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, he would take his first World Championship.

What came of that long wait? Tired speeches by Del Rio about being destined for success. He would hold onto a similar mantra again and again until people forgot that they had once liked Del Rio. The fact is that Del Rio has everything a fan and especially an IWC fan could hope for.

He is an in-ring general with ability that only CM Punk and Daniel Bryan can match in WWE currently. He is a charismatic star with some of the best facial expressions that make his villainous heel work shine.

Yet, no one seemed to care. They just saw him as boring and repetitive, leading to Del Rio becoming a running joke. WWE didn't help things with his embarrassing losses in his short WWE Championship reigns.

The fact is that Del Rio simply cannot be taken seriously anymore by most fans on Raw. He has been beaten down by every major star, and his act has grown increasingly tiresome.


How can this be remedied? Well, it all starts from the ground up. Del Rio needs to reestablish himself. Whether that means a change-of-gimmick, persona, or a change of brand to SmackDown, Del Rio needs something to cause people to look back at him again.

This man is not a weak link. He should be considered by most to be a great star with overall ability that should endear him to the WWE as easily as Daniel Bryan, if not more so.

In his current role though, Del Rio will never be taken seriously regardless of ability. Give him a new place as a character, and that can change. And please, no more destiny.

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