WWE Opinion: How Johnny Curtis Can Become a Major Player on Smackdown

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistDecember 23, 2011

We all know the story of the lower-card talents.

Most of them have some talent. They get an initial push toward a good role. They don't catch a creative writer's eye or they do something to gain them heat backstage. Then they are stuck jobbing or just not getting on television at all.

One tragic example of this is a man who failed before he even got a chance.

Johnny Curtis, a star who was an underdog star in FCW, came up to the main roster through the fourth season of NXT. Up against almost non-existent competition, Curtis was basically considered a top three choice in the contest with the favorite, Brodus Clay, and the developing Derrick Bateman.

Curtis ended up winning in a minor upset, with Clay leaving a lasting impression with his exit promo about taking away all of our heroes. It left everyone much more excited for the runner-up than the actual winner.

Curtis would end up getting his roster spot, though, he would lose his guaranteed tag team title shot. He would begin a series of horrible vignettes that would carry ridiculous puns that would only lead to Curtis being squashed by Mark Henry on his first night.

While Clay has not done much, he has already done more than Curtis, as Clay has wrestled several matches as Del Rio's bodyguard and tag team partner. Curtis got one match and has been so invisible that Michael Cole didn't even know who Curtis was when he got eliminated in a battle royal.

However, as in most cases, Curtis has a chance to come back from all of this. He has the talent as a potentially charismatic star with some in-ring skills. He just needs his chance and his opportunity.

Right now, actually, Curtis has finally been getting some recognition, though, only in a secondary NXT storyline. The same show that has lately seen JTG, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks regularly is the only place that Curtis can seem to find a home.

That can change, but it needs to start with the basics. WWE is developing many young stars lately. Hunico will soon be on SmackDown as a serious singles competitor. Curtis' NXT mate Clay will be debuting eventually. Many other stars are waiting in the wings.

Curtis has to make a statement loud and clear about why he deserves a push, which could begin on the show he is currently stuck on: NXT. What I am saying is that in Curtis' 10-minute segments each week on the Internet show, he needs to show something fresh and original.

Not just to the fans, but to the WWE. Curtis needs to go out there and nail his mic work and nail his in-ring performance, which is all easier said than done. However, Curtis will never stand out against developing veterans like Hawkins and Reks, who are on the show regularly and work massively for that screen time unless he truly adds flair.

Also, in order to stand out, evolution is in order. For those who don't know, right now, Curtis is playing the role of the cocky and manipulative heel on NXT. We have that heel already. Curtis needs to evolve his character into something more original.

Perhaps he should develop catch phrases, maybe add a cockiness that transfers into aggressiveness in the ring. It all starts with his character work on NXT.

If Curtis can develop an original character and pull out great work on NXT, he could possibly get the roster call-up to SmackDown where he could be a new heel on SmackDown or develop his persona to match a face where he can challenge guys like Cody Rhodes or the surging Hunico.

It all is on Curtis' shoulders whether he makes it or fails. With his talent, I wouldn't be surprised to see him make it.

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