My Plea For Mr. Angelo: Please Let Mike Brown Go

Leroy KleimolaCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

If the Chicago Bears just do one move this off season it is this, please let Mike Brown go.  Mike Brown has been a staple of Chicago Bears football for the last nine years.  He is a defensive captain who has anchored with Brian Urlacher on defense year in and year out.  He has put up very good numbers and has very high fantasy value—when he's healthy.

Mike Brown is a free agent after this year, and I just can't see Mr. Angelo resigning him and keeping him around.  Brown's last complete season was 2003.  Since then he has played in 36 games in five years. That's an average of about 7 1/2 games a year.  His health has been a factor and with age comes an ever increasing health risk. 

This was the first year Mike Brown played in more than 10 games since 2005 when he played in 12 games before getting placed on injured reserve.  He has finished the last 4 out of five years on IR.

Mike Brown has been a leader for this team but he makes about 2 1/2 million dollars and that can be relieved for a younger player who can be molded into that spot. The Bears signed Cameron Worrell to take Mike Brown's place but are probably not going to resign him for next season. 

The Bears have already said that they are not sold on Kyle Orton and there will be a huge quarterback situation this off season.  But the Chicago Bears can not forget to focus on their free safety situation and make sure that they sign a decent FS, say thanks to Mike Brown for a wonderful nine years and let him go on his way. 

The Chicago Bears need to go through the draft and sign a player who is used to running the defense the Bears run and will be less injury prone than Brown.