Why 2011 Was a Great Year for WWE and Wrestling Fans

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJune 2, 2015

At the beginning of the year, fans on the Internet demanded that the WWE change things.

Cena was on TV too much and usually champ.

Mysterio could never be beaten.

Orton was unbeatable and was usually the world heavyweight champion.

Fans wanted to see something different.  Many wanted to see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and, after some time, Zack Ryder as top wrestlers.

On the last episode of RAW, they stood in the ring as the respective WWE champion, World Heavyweight champion and United States champion.

Cena is nowhere near the title picture and wasn't even on the last pay-per-view.

Kane has been re-masked.  

Fans even got to see Christian win the World Heavyweight title.


It almost seems like Vince McMahon was reading almost every wrestling comments thread on the Internet because every one of the things that those fans have wanted to see finally came true.

In what seemed like it would be another stale year for the world's premier wrestling company, it suddenly changed direction.

Different reasons can be given for why it happened, though, the catalyst seems to be the now infamous CM Punk promo.  

It felt like it turned the company on its head and changed everything overnight.  All of a sudden things like Money in the Bank were incredible pay-per-views and veterans like Mark Henry had new and interesting personas.

It wasn't the Attitude Era, which is good, because taking a step back is never what a company should do, but it wasn't so completely kid-friendly that its hands were shackled.

It isn't a change anyone saw coming, but it is one most have embraced.

The best part is that it didn't diminish Cena in the eyes of his fans, which are mostly kids.  They still love him and buy his merchandise and even though he was attacked by Kane, fans are most likely going to see him come back and beat down the big red machine.

That is fine as well as Kane is a veteran and doesn't need to win.  Fans just wanted to see him look dominant one last time, and that is what we are getting.

Of course, it can't last forever.  The WWE can't just keep giving one segment of fans what it wants, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't one of the better years for the company in terms of creativity and innovation.  

They willing let CM Punk do new things on the mic, pushed a self-made star in Zack Ryder and even went back to the basics with certain established stars.

For the first time in a few years, fans just might be looking forward to what 2012 might bring.

And that is the best thing that the WWE has given its fans this year.

Anticipation to see what happens next.