North Division Going 3-0, Show The Big 12 May Actually Be That Good

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

The Big 12 north division was manhandled this year in conference play by the south division. The three teams that just won bowl games. Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska were a combined 2-8 against the south division, with both wins coming against Baylor and neither of them easy.

In those ten games against the big 12 South, these three teams were outscored 43.7 to 26.4. Thus, the North Division bowl scoring averages showed they held there opponents to lower scores and the scored more than they had in conference play.

Both of these stats suggest the argument that Big 12 plays no defense is somewhat weaker due to the fact that the Big 12 North went 3-0 in bowl games and both scored more and allowed less than they did in conference.

The other side of the argument is the South is 0-1 with Oklahoma State allowing 42 to Oregon which is about their average for the season.  After a great defensive first half, the Cowboy's fell apart in the second half, allowing 35 points and getting ran all over. 

The three best teams in the south division have yet to play, and we need to reserve the who is the best conference argument until all the games are played, but the North going 3-0 and performing much better defensively than in conferece shows that the Big 12 may indeed be that good.

Mostly because those north divisions teams that just went 3-0 in Bowls were beaten by an average score of 18 points against the south teams.  

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