25 Biggest Wedgies in Sports

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIJanuary 5, 2012

25 Biggest Wedgies in Sports

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    As the ancient adage goes: 

    Wedgies are like friends: they know your inner self; they're intimately close; and, it feels great when you pick out a good one.

    No one has noted the analogy more than athletes and spectators.

    Sliding, tackling, diving, and cheering make conditions rife for wedgies, both of the sexy ilk and the nauseating one.

    Click on to see the hungriest butt cracks in the sports world. 

25. Barbara Stanford's Cheekiness

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    "Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand.That I might touch that cheek!" - Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 2

    "Oh that I were an inseam upon that spandex. That I might touch that cheek!" - Bleacher Report Wedgie Article, Slide 25

24. Stella Pilatou Gracefully Picks Her Wedgie

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    You know how guys say when an ugly woman burps, it's gross, yet when a hot woman burps, it's cute?

    Same goes for wedgie picking. 

23. Manuela Levorato's Post Race Wedgie Pick

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    Have I proven my point yet?

22. Beckham Picks a Wedgie

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    Guess the rule applies to men too.

    Just listen to those women swoon.

21. Rafael Nadal Picks Wedgie in Slo Mo

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    Nadal is apparently an exception to the cute guy wedgie rule.

    (Did this video make anyone else gag?)

20. Alex Ovechkin Gives Youngster a Wedgie

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    The boy is the son of George McPhee, current GM of the Washington Capitals.

    The last time I gave a wedgie to my boss's kid, it didn't go over so well. 

19. Lucila Bergé Wedgie Compliation

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    One minute and eighteen seconds of unadulterated wedgie bliss. 

18. Chris Tarrant Gives Brendan Fevola a Super Wedgie

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    Well now we all know what footballers wear Down Under.

17. Rodney Rhoden Gives John Reedy a Thong Yanking

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    In case of emergency, pull cord.

16. J-Rod Gives Wedgie to Charlie Cash

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    I love the delivery on this one.

    "Hop hop hopping down the bunny trail."

15. Shad Gaspard Delivers a Spinning Wedgie

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    Wedgie and The Beast

14. Kristin Gierisch Showcases Sexy Wedgie

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    Note how at 0:16 in the video time code, Kristin so generously aims her glorious wedgie at the camera.

13. Gary McSwegan Celebration Slide Induced Wedgie

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    Goal -> Glee -> Grassburn

12. Jessica Augusto Hurdles with a Wedgie

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    No, Jessica. No! Why are you running away? Stay and share.

11. Jets Fans Wedge Up Dolphins Fan

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    Never before was vigilante justice so justly utilized.

10. Lucimara Silva Rocks a High Jump Wedgie

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    I guess for a Brazilian that doesn't even count as a wedgie. 

9. DX Gives Michael Cole a Horrific Wedgie

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    Poor Mike; it'll be weeks before he's regular again.

8. Bronwen Knox Glistening Buttocks Revealed

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    Oh sweet combination of water, light, and wedgied buttocks!

7. Paul Gallen Gives Wendell Sailor an Atomic Wedgie

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    I'm pretty sure spandex got up as far as the descending colon on that one.


6. Crane Wedgies

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    Wedgies are a sport all of their own. Who knew?

5. Fan Sports Nasty Wedgie

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    Sorry to have subjected you to this.

    Hurry and skip on to the next slide.

4. Anja Valant Wedgie Double Pick

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    Does this make up for the last slide? Not quite, you say. 

3. Alenka Bikar's Wedgie Strut

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    Now we're even.

2. Elevated Rope Tow Wedgie

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    Up up and awaaaaaaaargh!

1. USC Cheerleader Gives the Gift of Wedgie

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    Now the video title claims this young lady isn't wearing 'neath the skirt; however I took it upon myself to study this video over and over and over... and over.

    Conclusion: She is indeed wearing panties. 

    My theory is on that last straddle split, the panties sought refuge in her intergluteal cleft.

    Yeah for us!