Vikings-Eagles TV Blackout: If It Happens, Who Benefits?

Scott GollContributor IJanuary 1, 2009

The Vikings still must sell over 3,000 tickets by Saturday at 4:30pm Eastern for their Sunday playoff game versus the Eagles.

A television blackout looms, unless Minnesota can fill those seats.  Earlier in the week, they needed to sell 8,000 vacant seats by 4:30 pm Eastern Friday, an NFL-imposed deadline which was extended.  While progress has been made, it remains unclear whether the Vikings can sell the necessary ducats.

Take a good look at Adrian Peterson above.  It may be the last time you see him until the preseason if the game is not carried to those unable to watch it on TV.

The blackout would affect not only the local market, but also satellite, cable and other systems. 

While being unable to sell out a playoff game would be an embarrassment to the Vikings, I honestly don't see the logic behind a television blackout, if the league wants to market its sport especially at the most critical time of year.

It's understandable to want fannies in the seats and not have everyone at home watching it on TV.  But 3,000 seats?  The Vikings' facility will be far from empty.

Why punish all Minnesota and fans of the NFL far and wide?

What's next? If ABC doesn't sell out tickets to Dancing with the Stars, it's blacked out?

The blackout policy is shortsighted and only harms the fans.  Knock it off already.