WWE News: Why the Usos Will Usher in a New Tag-Team Revolution

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistDecember 22, 2011

WWE's tag team division has been the subject of many of the criticisms the IWC has against WWE. Over the years they have scaled back their tag team division so much that at any given time they only have two or three teams.

Triple H is gaining more power within the company and it is said that one of his prime objectives is to revitalize the division.

WWE has had great success in the past with tag team wrestling, and at points it was a more interesting division than the WWE title picture.

In the past we have had ground breaking teams like Legion of Doom, Demolition, New Age Outlaws, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Rougeaus, the Hardys, Edge and Christian, The Dudleys, the Hart Foundation and The Rockers.

These were not only established teams, but they cared about being a tag team. Today it seems more talent is focused on being a singles star.

This is sad because many fans, like myself, yearn for the days of competitive tag team wrestling. Think back to the year 2000. Look at the teams we had back then.

Too Cool, APA, Hardys, E&C, Dudleys and Kane and X-Pac were all competing for the titles. Now look at today's tag team division.

The Colons, The Usos, Air Boom, and if you can even count them as a team you have Hawkins and Reks. These few teams are all that remains of the once powerful division.

But that could all be changing soon. Rumors of Chris Hero coming to WWE still run rampant, and if he joins his former Kings of Wrestling team mate then we could have another very talented team added to the division.

The Usos in particular have peaked my interest in tag team wrestling again, and the Colons are right there with them.

Not only are they both family tag teams, but they both seem to have a genuine passion for it. The Usos have been more impressive every time see them and I believe it is only a matter of time before they posses those bronze belts.

If WWE wants to build the division then it needs to do two things—stop pairing up singles stars for six months at a time just to give them something to do, and start hiring teams that already exist as a team.

The Kings of Wrestling seemed like a sure-fire answer to the second problem, and they still could be if Hero and WWE ever figure things out.

The Usos, I believe, are the ones WWE needs to rely on to make this division popular again. They have a long family heritage of wrestling, especially when it comes to tag teams, and they have the right image to be popular.

Their entrance is one of the most unique I have ever seen, and it is definitely helping them to stand out in WWE. I always like seeing the fans cheer loudly after the Usos finish their traditional war dance at the top of the ramp.

Look out for the Usos in the future, I think if they stay out of trouble and keep improving they could have a long career in WWE. And hopefully WWE doesn't make the mistake of splitting them up, because who would we cheer for in that feud?

What do you think, do the Usos have what it takes to lead a new generation of tag teams?