Bowl Games? Give Me the NFL Playoffs

Clayton CoffmanAnalyst IDecember 31, 2008

To say that I'm a SEC football junkie is an understatement. While I'm loving our early success in the bowl season, the bowl games in general have been average.

Oregon State's "battle" with the Pittsburgh Panthers was one of the most boring games I've ever seen. With three total points scored, I'm sure you feel my sentiment.

Vanderbilt's win was nice, but the game dragged on and on over Boston College. With the NFL playoffs starting this weekend, I'm betting on a lot more intrigue and excitement.

The Colts face the team they've had the hardest time beating the last couple of seasons. The Chargers are playing some of the best football in the NFL to close the regular season; this game should be absolutely fun to watch.

Atlanta's rise to glory, in just one season, has been remarkable. They put together a total team effort each week and their matchup with the pass-happy Cardinals should be an awesome game. When more games are on the line like the NFL playoffs, better play will result. It's not entirely the same thing when college teams are playing for next season.