Tennessee Staff Coming Together

JESSI SHARPECorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2009

Like many UT fans, I have been checking the websites daily to see what is going on with Tennessee's coaching staff. 

Now that the NFL season is over some big hires have been made.  Ed Orgeron has been hired on to be assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator.  He will oversee the defensive line. 

This was a surprise, considering a day before articles had been written to suggest he was set to join LSU's staff.  Orgeron is often credited with leaving Houston Nutt a load of talent at Ole Miss, which resulted in his early success. 

Also a new offensive coordinator has been brought in by the name of Jim Chaney.  I know most people will say who?  Apparently he's been hiding out in St. Louis as the tight ends coach.  His resume includes being personally responsible for Drew Brees' early development at Purdue.  In seven years at Purdue his offense was in the top 10 in the nation six times. 

There are some concerns that this staff's paycheck is way too much.  Last year the defensive staff made around $900,000.  Monte Kiffin tops that small chunk of change alone.  It's hard for some to get on the bang-wagon when they see the money keep piling up.  Whether these investments pay off or bite the University in dairy-air is still yet to be seen.