Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers: End Of Season Edition

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IJanuary 1, 2009

Welcome friends and random people who clicked this article because Brett Favre was in the title.

For those of you who do not know all season I have been writing a weekly comparison between Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.

It was a fun and interesting experience for me. I met different kinds of people in the discussions that followed the articles.

In the end Aaron Rodgers won the head-to-head competition 9-8. Finishing the year with three straight wins to take the esteemed Master Vs. Student Trophy.

I noticed a very large portion of the talk was season comparisons. Well, they were all quite pointless because the season had yet to end.

Well friends, now it is time for that debate.

I bring you, uncensored and uncut, Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers: End of Season Comparison.

2008 NFL Season

Brett Favre: 343-522, 65.7 completion percentage; 3,472 yds, 22 TDs, 22 INTs

Quarterback rating: 81.0

Best Game- 24-34, 289 yds, 6 TDs 1 INT (Jets V. Cardinals)

Worst Game- 18-31, 187 yds, 0 TDs 2 INTs (Jets @ Seahawks)

Aaron Rodgers: 341-536, 63.6 completion percentage; 4,038 yds, 28 TDs, 13 INTs

Quarterback rating: 93.8

Best Game- 24-38, 328 yds, 3 TDs, 0 INTs (Packers @ Lions)

Worst Game- 15-26, 142 yds, 0 TDs, 0 INTs (Packers @ Vikings)


Recap of Favre's season

Brett Favre started his Jet career off fairly well. Following his six touchdown performance against the Cardinals, it looked like the gunslinger was going to disprove his critics.

Favre played perfect games against division rival New England and the 10-0 Tennessee Titans.

The Jets won both games.

It was after this that Favre's season fell apart. After the win at Tennessee, the Jets won one game and Favre only threw two touchdown passes.

It is obvious that Favre's poor play was a factor in the Jets crashing out of the playoff race. Such poor performance that Eric Mangini was fired for it.

If I had to rate Favre's year I would give him a B- because you cannot forget his outstanding start.

Recap of Rodgers' season

Aaron Rodgers should have won some kind of award this year. Something like the "Holy Shit I Avoided Getting Run Out Of Town" award.

Rodgers was phenomenal all year. His stats show it.

Rodgers started his young career with a bang throwing only five picks in his first eight starts. Compared to 13 touchdown passes.

Like Favre, Rodgers failure came at the end of the season.

Or rather, the end of games. You all know what I'm talking about.

In the end Rodgers put up the same kind of numbers that Favre did a year ago. The difference is, Favre's team won 13 games. Rodgers' only won six.

If I had to rate Rodgers' season I would give him an A. He is an 11-5 quarterback on a 6-10 team.

End of Season Awards

Best Game- Brett Favre, Six TDs against the Cardinals

Game of Shame- Brett Favre, Two INTs against the worst pass defense in the NFL (Seattle)

Most Clutch Play- Brett Favre, throws game-winning touchdown against the Chiefs.

Least Clutch Play- Brett Favre, throws game losing pick against the Dolphins

Worst Pick- Aaron Rodgers, tosses a duck against the Carolina Panthers.

Best Win- Brett Favre, perfect against the 10-0 Titans

Worst Loss- Brett Favre, simple failure against the 49ers.


I don't even need to think twice about it.

Aaron Rodgers played at a high level ALL year, compared to Favre only doing it for 11 games.

One of the main things people criticized Rodgers about was his failure in crunch time.

Well, they say numbers don't lie. Let's bring numbers into this. First off, I want to clarify what a game winning touchdown and game losing pick are.

A game winning touchdown is a TD pass on the last (competitive) possession of that particular team. This TD pass wins the game.

A game losing pick is the exact opposite. A pick on the last possession of that team. Of course the offensive team must be at least one scoring possession down. Doesn't count if it is 40-3.

Rodgers threw no game winning touchdowns.

Favre threw one game winning touchdown.

Rodgers threw three game losing picks.

Favre threw one game losing pick.

As you can see, there is little separating the two. Except that Favre actually threw a game winning TD.

Now, I know the quarterback doesn't HAVE to throw a touchdown pass to win a game. Don't worry, I have those stats too.

Rodgers completed no game winning drives.

Favre completed two game winning drives.

Rodgers "missed" five game winning drive opportunities.

Favre "missed" two game winning drive opportunities.

I would like to point out that Mason Crosby missed two game winning field goal chances.

Let the debate begin....