Wrestling's Best-Dressed Wrestlers and Managers of All Time

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 27, 2011

Wrestling's Best-Dressed Wrestlers and Managers of All Time

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    There is a mystique about the way a wrestler appears on camera. The same could be said for a manager or valet or someone that is not actually in the ring when the match starts, but is keenly aware of the fact the way they dress directly affects the outcome of a match or tells a story about the characters involved.

    While the clothes may make the man, the dress certainly makes the woman as well. Managers do what they have to do to "add" something to the match and in most cases, prove that a great look will help their associate in more ways than one.

    Here is a look at the 26 of the best-dressed managers and wrestlers.

Peter Maivia

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    The High Chief was big, powerful and very proud of his heritage, and it showed as he came to the ring dressed in traditional head dress and robes.

    Maivia was one of the toughest men in the business.

Austin Aries

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    When he wants to, Aries looks like a Flair.

    He is calm, confident and comes to the ring like he owns the joint.

    There is nothing that screams or stands out about him. But when he is in the ring, the look is unmistakable.


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    All I remember is Slick in a white suit who looked like a pimp on the beach.

    The fast-talking manager was one cool dude and managed Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik.

    Butch Reed, Power and Glory and the One Man Gang also were aided by Slick's influence.

The Godfather

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    I loved the Godfather's outfit in the WWF.

    Pimping ain't easy, but The Godfather's outfits were as colorful as any seen ever in the WWF.

    And when the "Ho Train" came a-calling, you knew you were in for a treat.


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    Long evening gowns and hair that made any woman with big hair in the 1980s jealous.

    Woman was a force in WCW with Doom and then as part of the Horsemen.

    She was first married to Kevin Sullivan and then to Chris Benoit. And each time we saw her, she looked so damn hot.


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    Ax, Smash and Crush. All three filled the persona to perfection.

    Dressed in war paint and biker garb. They may have bested the tag team they tried so hard to emulate: The Road Warriors.

Buddy Landell

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    The third "Nature Boy" did everything he could to emulate Ric Flair.

    Quite a compliment.

    But Landell, as good as he was at times, just could not pull it off in my estimation.

    He looked the part, acted the part, but was never really and truly the part.

Mr. McMahon

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    McMahon led "The Corporation" to the ring.

    In only the way McMahon could, he was the consummate businessman, as the Chairman of the Board of the WWF and wrestling royalty.

Gorgeous George

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    She had the honor of bringing Randy Savage to the ring night after night in WCW.

    We had the honor of watching her do it.

Mr. Fuji

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    He wore the classic suit and top hat and brought the cane with him.

    Fuji was a great heel manager and classic as ever in the WWF.

    He was so instrumental in the success of many tag teams in the WWF over many years.

Freddie Blassie

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    He may not have looked like a JJ Dillon or Mr. Fuji, but there was something about him coming to the ring and looking "official."

    Blassie was just a classic heel manager in the 1970s, and he looked like he owned the show.

Missy Hyatt

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    Seriously, folks. I don't think I need to explain this, but here it goes.

    There is man, who brings a woman to the ring. She is blond, busty and hot as hell for the era she managed or served as valet.

    There are many reasons to think of that could distract someone in the ring.

    Right now, most of us see two of them.

    Hyatt used her assets and her look to help Eddie Gilbert and his stable to get ahead in the wrestling business.

Nick Bockwinkel

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    He was the astute world champion in the AWA who always had a quick wit, and something to say that you needed a dictionary to understand.

    Most of his interviews were quite entertaining.

    And he was class in the ring.

Tully Blanchard

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    Another Horseman who was pretty much into himself (OK, they all were).

    But Blanchard more than anyone in the group, lived the "Flair" lifestyle.

    He wore the nice suit, talked about liking the finer things in life, spoke well of himself and had Baby Doll on his arm.

    He was a mini-Flair without the talent.

J J Dillon

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    He always wore a suit around the commentators.

    Dillon was the precursor to the Wall Street man. He managed four highly successful men and even returned to the ring now and then to spar in the War Games.

    Dillon always had something pompous to say.

Rick Rude

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    When he was out of the ring, acting as an "associate" for some faction or stable, Rude could be found in a suit.

    Looking tall and lean and well-kempt.

    His fine tastes were appreciated, as women really wanted to see what was under the suit in the ring.

The Rock

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    The Rock says he is the most electrifying man in professional wrestling, and who are we to argue with him?

    And when he was in character but out on the grand stage, he was also one of the best dressed of all time, looking only as The Rock can look.


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    Smoking hot in anything she wore. And she was more of an attraction than her real-life husband, Marc Mero (Johnny B. Badd).

    Even today, Sable (who is now married to Brock Lesnar) would bring down the house.

Precious Paul Ellering

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    He came to the ring with two behemoths and wore Wall Street business suits and spoke while rapping a Wall Street Journal into his hand.

    Ellering could also dress the "biker" role as well and wore what had to be worn in different situations, which helped deflect attention from his troops and also helped Hawk and Animal win and beat the hell out of their opponents.

Gary Hart

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    Whether it was a suit or sweater-vest or shirt and tie, Gary Hart made it look fashionable.

    Hart was a mild-mannered manager who led the likes of Kabuki, Muta and Al Perez.

    He had a lot to say, but when he said it, it was as if your father was talking to you and you were about to get the beating of your life.

George Wagner

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    "Gorgeous" George started the "dress" craze in professional wrestling.

    Actually, anything that was related to a "gimmick" was started with Wagner.

    Once the dress was removed and everyone settled into their seats, the show really began.

    Wagner was a true showman and everyone got their money's worth.

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

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    What do you expect for a man with millions?

    He wore suits and looked "rogue," and everyone knew what he was about.

    And it still worked.

    DiBiase was "mafia" like and bad to the bone.

    He surely knew what his price was.

Miss Elizabeth

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    Where she may have failed at being like all other managers/divas, the one thing Miss Elizabeth has them all beat at is elegance.

    She was a perfect doll at the rodeo at times.

    Silky gowns, high heels and perfect hair and teeth.

    She was a "Barbie's" dream. And the rough and rugged Randy Savage took her home every night.

Ric Flair

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    This isn't even close, so let's not argue.

    Flair was the jet setter and the one who pimped Oleg Cassini, Versace, and anyone else he could to tell you how good-looking he was.

    Perry Ellis, Gucci, whoever.

    When it came to fashion, Flair was a marketing dream.

    Oh, and he should have gotten a pretty good deal for that hair. He was a shampoo commercial waiting to happen.