NHL: Will Do Anything For Money

Mike DoyonCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2008

Here comes an idea that further emphasizes the fact that nobody cares about the NHL south of the border.

Hmmm...now that we're finally realizing that fans in the southern states could care less about hockey, how do we make more money? Let's put ads all over our goalies! Genius!

Seriously though, we could be seeing all of the net minders in the NHL covered with Red Bull and Viagra ads. Is this a good idea? Well, financially, it's seems very lucrative.

An estimated $30 million in revenue is the magical number the NHL would make. But what about the jerseys that have remained untouched and unaltered for the past century? Like Montreal, Detroit, Toronto. Minor changes have been made, but they're still the original design. No other major sport has allowed the greedy fingers of corporations to take a piece of any franchise's attire. Why does the NHL continuously look to change the game?

Every few weeks, there's a different issue. Rules changes, dirty hits, and now sponsored jerseys. I say leave the game alone and keep ads off goalies. What do you think?