Dwight Howard Nets Rumors: 3 Other Options Besides Howard

John NizinskiAnalyst IIIDecember 22, 2011

Dwight Howard Nets Rumors: 3 Other Options Besides Howard

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    The goal for the New Jersey Nets is to keep Deron Williams in a Nets jersey when they move to Brooklyn.  

    If they are able to acquire Dwight Howard, they will be able to do that.  If Howard is traded to the Nets, he will sign an extension, and then Deron will do likewise.

    If the Magic find a way to keep Howard, or trade him somewhere except the Nets, the Nets have to look at other options in order to keep "D-Will" on their team.

Keep Adding Quality Players

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    The route that the Nets seem to be taking right now is adding players who are not stars, but have had an impact in their careers.  

    The Nets recently re-signed Kris Humphries to a one-year deal; they also signed DeShawn Stevenson who is a solid veteran and champion.  The Nets might be in talks with Andrei Kirilenko, too.

    While these three names do not scream out at you, they are solid role players who could move the Nets into the playoffs.

    Each Player's Best Year

    Kris Humphries: (2010-11) PPG: 10.0 | RPG: 10.4

    Andrei Kirilenko: (2003-04) PPG: 16.5 | RPG: 8.1

    DeShawn Stevenson: (2003-04) PPG: 11.4 | RPG 3.7

Josh Smith

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    If the Nets can't acquire Howard, they could turn their attention toward another star player, Josh Smith.

    Smith has expressed that he is not opposed to a trade out of Atlanta, saying the New Jersey Nets are among the teams he would like to go to.

    The Nets are in need of a small forward.  Smith is more of a power forward, but is capable of playing both positions.  His defense, power and scoring make him one of the most versatile players in the league.

    The only negative with this potential deal is the Hawks would look to get Brook Lopez in the deal, and that would hurt the Nets and leave them kind of in the same situation they are in now. 

    If the Nets could somehow make a deal that would allow them to keep Lopez, it would make them a playoff team and could convince Williams to stay.

Another Star Player

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    There are other players in the NBA who could help make the Nets contenders when they move to Brooklyn.  Teams are always looking to trade players who are becoming free agents soon, or they want to dump salaries. 

    Some players who the Nets could trade for include:

    Monta Ellis: Ellis would give the Nets a top scoring threat and good passer at shooting guard.  He has averaged close to 25 points per game over the past two seasons.

    Andre Iguodala:  Iguodala is a shooting guard who can also play the forward position.  The 76ers have been looking to deal him for some time now; the Nets could use his consistent scoring, rebounding and assists.

    OJ Mayo/Rudy Gay: Both players are on the Memphis Grizzlies and both have been involved in trade rumors.  Also, Gay and Mayo are good scorers in the NBA and could give the Nets another consistent scoring threat.

    David Lee: Lee is a double-double machine and could help Lopez clean the glass.  With Lee and Lopez at the four and five positions, the Nets would have one of the best scoring big men tandems in basketball.