Cleveland Cavaliers: Is Anderson Varejao Really Ready?

Kevin PahlauContributor IIIDecember 22, 2011

Is Anderson Varejao ready for the 2011-2012 season?
Is Anderson Varejao ready for the 2011-2012 season?Elsa/Getty Images

There was a definite sense of comfort for Cleveland Cavalier fans seeing veteran players walk onto the court Tuesday night during the Cavs last preseason game against the Detroit Pistons.

One of those veterans is Cavs center,  Anderson Varejao. But what about him? Is he really healthy and ready for the new season?
Varejao, who suffered a torn tendon in his ankle last year, had to sit out a large part of the 2010-11 season because of the injury. He missed 51 games.
How is he now? In his post-practice interview Wednesday via, Varejao said he feels really good and is excited to be back out on the court. 
How is the ankle? Varejao replied, " Good. I do not even think about it."
Even if did he think about his ankle when rebounding Tuesday night, he did not show it.
Varejao had a total of 10 rebounds and three steals. He scored nine points.
He is a hard worker, a trait recognized by coach Byron Scott. Missing so much of last year's season, Varejao is displaying his aggressive style of play during the preseason. Traits fans of the "Wild Thing" are familiar with.
With two of the top draft picks now a part of the Cavs' organization, he will have to keep up that aggressive style of play. 
What about his new teammates? 
Varejao admits he did not know what to think about Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson at first. Andy says he doesn't follow college basketball that closely, so he did not know much about either player.
Now that he has had time to get to know Irving and Thompson and practice with them, he knows they will have a positive impact but realizes they will need time to learn and grow as players.
Now that the limited preseason has ended, Varejao will have to rely on just a few team practices to hone his skills before the first game of the season.
What areas of his game would he like to improve? Offense. 
Varejao spent most his offseason focused on growing his offensive skills. We should see a difference in that portion of his game early this season.
“When he is on the floor, we’re just a much better basketball team on both ends,”  said coach Scott Tuesday night. 
With the hard work he has put into his recovery and improving his offensive skills, Varejao should prove coach Byron Scott right.