WWE Conspiracy Report: Cena vs. Kane Advertised for WWE Title Live Event

Marc MattalianoCorrespondent IIIDecember 22, 2011


Some days, I feel like R-Truth up here.  It's a C-O-N...spiracy!

According to WrestleNewz.com, a WWE Championship match between John Cena and Kane is being advertised for a February 3rd Raw live event. 

These things change like the direction of the wind at a sporting event, granted, but I want to believe this may be a way that the conspiracy to aid John Cena can be brought to light more.

Lately, it hasn't been focused on as much, at least not by name, but let's look closely at the build to TLC. 

CM Punk as WWE Champion is not a happy item of business for John Laurinaitis.  Thus, the self-proclaimed "Mr. Excitement" booked a series of matches to determine who would face CM Punk in a TLC match. 

Ultimately, Miz, Del Rio and Cena earned their way into the match, but Cena would give his spot up so that Ryder could have a chance at Ziggler.

Of course, Cena delivering an AA to Mark Henry and dragging Ryder on top for the pin took the majority of the spotlight for the story.  However, look at what happened during the three qualifying matches.

The Miz took on Randy Orton.  It was an imbalanced match that Miz only won because Barrett interfered and drew the countout.

Del Rio made Bryan tap out.  Bryan's been on something of a slump, but a clean victory for Del Rio was needed, and since Bryan is now the World Heavyweight Champion, a halfway decent win for Alberto.

Who did Cena have to face to earn a WWE Title opportunity?  Zack Ryder.  With all due respect, Ryder is a great talent and a fantastically charismatic personality; but that match was extremely imbalanced. 

Ryder has been struggling to get a second chance for a secondary title.  He is not world champion material yet, and that's clear.

Laurinaitis put Cena in a match with Ryder and masked it as a "Social Experiment," but in reality, Laurinaitis wanted Cena to win that match.

Laurinaitis wanted the most possible opponents for Punk going into TLC. It's my belief that he hoped Cena would skunk Ryder in favor of keeping the opportunity Laurinaitis practically handed to him.

At the TLC PPV, Punk had some considerable opposition to counter, up to and including the crafty Ricardo Rodriguez and a pair of handcuffs.  Impressively Punk came out the victor, proving to many that he's truly the real deal.

However, even though the advertised match mentioned above could change, there is always a possibility that Laurinaitis could find a way to unfairly take the belt off of CM Punk and get it placed around the waist of someone else he feels deserves it.

Laurinaitis has a good character but he struggles to actually take action.  He gets compared negatively to McMahon's role in Vince's feud with Austin, but McMahon was at least entertaining to watch when his feathers got ruffled. 

Laurinaitis is extremely straight-laced. It is good to have a character like that, but to show his hand even a little bit, he needs to take more action.

With this news coming out about Cena and Kane possible competing for the WWE Championship, it puts Punk's promise that the hot potato game would end into question.

However, Punk is a great antihero in that he's clearly talented enough to win of his own volition, but no one's immune to getting screwed over by authority.

We put Stone Cold up on a pedestal as one of the best of all time.  But even during Austin's pushes (and there have been more than one), he's been wildly screwed over by The Boss and had his title taken away.

CM Punk is in line to be a great champion, and while many of us would have loved to see him win the title at Survivor Series and hold onto it until at least 2013.  I won't say it was an impossible dream, but bigger things could come out of his losing it.

Just because he says he wants the hot potato game to end doesn't mean that management can't fudge things in someone else's favor to completely overpower Punk into losing the belt.

Can't you just see it?  Laurinaitis puts Cena and Punk into a WWE Title match, and piles on the stipulations. 

Punk can't survive them all, Laurinaitis calls for the bell, Cena acts like he's mad at winning the title the way he did, and Laurinaitis forces Cena to keep the belt.  I'd be willing to bet he can do that.

This puts Punk back into the driver seat of revolting against an unfair authority.  We loved that Punk from over the summer.  He actively fights authority, but occasionally needs some help.  That's when we see a huge return...

"The Truth Has Set Me Free!"

The split between Awesome Truth, resulting in part from Truth's wellness policy violation suspension left many of us disappointed. However, WWE can use Truth's return to change the game completely.  Before, Truth wanted Miz's backup in rooting out the conspiracy.

Now Miz is showing slight signs of being fine with Laurinaitis and the ruling classes, and Truth is once again left out of getting big time opportunities like a TLC WWE Championship match. 

Truth's friendship with Miz was largely empty.  But Truth making friends with CM Punk?  That bond would be a lot more genuine.

Also think about the possible identity of the cryptic "2nd of January 2012" videos.  All signs seem to be pointing to Jericho being the best candidate of the mystery.  If Jericho returns as a heel then is he on the side of Laurinaitis and/or the conspiracy?

Not only would it be a huge revelation, but the world as we know it would end (according to early promos, anyway).  The entire game would change at that point. 

Laurinaitis would go from being a stiff, corporate yes-man to a powerful hungry dictator.

In coming weeks, we should keep our eyes peeled to everything that goes on.  The Road to WrestleMania is quickly approaching.  For some of us, it is already the road we're travelling on.

Big things are fixing to go down and big changes are on the way.  WrestleMania XVIII is looking to be a war fought on many different fronts.