Lewis Hamilton Has Had an MBE from the Queen

John EvansContributor IJanuary 1, 2009

It is perceived that awards to persons by the Queen are given to recognise charitable, selfless works, and exceptional achievements of individuals.

In what was one of the most exciting, and dramatic conclusions to the 2008  Formula One championship, Toyota driver Timo Glock decided that he couldn't cope as well with his "tyre problems" into the final corner on the last lap (even though he managed pretty well the previous five laps)—and thus slowed down, resulting in Lewis Hamilton's becoming a Formula One World Champion.

Since Damon Hill's world championship with Williams back in 1996, Britain has not had a Formula One World Champion, so Lewis Hamilton certainly puts the pole position back to Great Britain, even though arguably it is difficult to asses his full potential should he be in a less competitive car. 

So now he's getting and MBE from the Queen, Hamilton says that he's humbled about receiving it....

Yes, Lewis Hamilton is one of the most promising drivers Great Britian's ever had, but in my opinion he's not a proud Englishman, and recognition has to be given for the incredible support and private education he received at a young age from McLaren.

Equally talented young sports stars should be recognised for their achievements many having not recieved the financial rewards that Lewis Hamilton has.

At the start of the 2007 season, Lewis claimed to the world that he'd never leave Great Britain and move abroad.  A few months into the season we learned that he couldn't take the apparent "pressure" he was receiving and moved straight to Switzerland which is a tax haven.

My question to the readers at Bleacher Report is:

Why was Lewis Hamilton awarded an MBE when he turned his back on this country very soon after arriving in Formula One, and when he refuses to support the country with his obvious reluctance to pay taxes here, as equally famous celebrities and sports personalities do?


* Editor's Note: The present headline of this article—"Lewis Hamilton Has Had an MBE from the Queen"—is the author's original. The article's former headline—"Why Lewis Hamilton Doesn't Deserve an MBE from the Queen"—was added by an editor, and did not accurately express the author's view on the subject.