LeBron James Will Tebow: 4 Things He Learned from the Broncos' Phenom

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LeBron James Will Tebow: 4 Things He Learned from the Broncos' Phenom

LeBron James got theological after losing to the Mavericks in the 2011 NBA finals. 

His previous bombastic prophecies about winning untold championships vanished with his fourth quarter disappearances, so he turned to someone who he thought really knew the future, “The Greater Man upstairs.” 

LeBron tweeted, "The Greater Man Upstairs knows when it's my time. Right now isn't my time."  LeBron then started watching and tweeting support for a player in another sport, one who is renowned for a close connection to that omniscient deity. 

People made quite a lot out of LeBron’s first tweet about Tim Tebow; many assumed that it was veiled self-defense, a plea for his own support via a vigorous defense of another maligned athlete.

On the surface, of course, Tim Tebow was maligned for reasons far removed from LeBron’s courting of disdain.  Tebow has been insulted for his inaccurate arm; LeBron, for his unassailable ego. 

Both, though, have drawn ire because of their ubiquitous presence in the media—a prominence that they are personally responsible for only in part.

As the NBA lockout dragged, LeBron must have recognized this similarity because he continued to watch Tebow and savor his victories as if they were his own. 

Now, finally, LeBron gets to do his own thing again; fittingly, he gets to do it when Christians celebrate a paradox: according to that faith, Christmas commemorates a day when the immense, vast and immeasurable force of divinity was introduced on earth in a humble heap of straw. 

King James hasn’t changed his royal twitter handle, but his ego is chastened; he is humbled by his own defeats and inspired by another’s victories. 

Let’s make a mashup, then, and imagine what a Tebow-influenced LeBron could look like on the basketball court in this 2011-2012 season. This should be fun, which brings us to the No. 4 spot on our Te-Bron chart. 

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