7 Footballers and Teams Who Hated Their Manager

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7 Footballers and Teams Who Hated Their Manager

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    With media and reporting now becoming a part-time job for the every man on the street with a smartphone, more and more insight is gained into the relationships and lives of footballers.

    No matter what your profession or status, it's practically guaranteed that at some point in your life you've had a serious disagreement with your manager.

    You may have reacted angrily, you may have shouted at each other or you may have thought something nasty but remained tight-lipped for fear of being sacked.

    Whichever of those scenarios encompassed your persona, you can rest assured that footballers are no different.

    Here we'll take a look at some of the more famous bust-ups between players and managers that have been documented over the years.

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David Beckham vs. Alex Ferguson

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    In 2003 Manchester United legend David Beckham sat in his club dressing room about to be dressed down by Alex Ferguson.

    Whilst all the players were expecting the famous Alex Ferguson hairdryer treatment, what followed was something quite different.

    Ferguson stormed into the dressing room in such anger that he kicked the closest thing to him.

    This happened to be a football boot which flew across the room and struck David Beckham in the face, cutting his eyebrow, which required two stitches.

    Beckham allegedly had to be restrained and was sold to Real Madrid four months later.

Fernando Redondo vs. Daniel Passarella

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    In 1998, Argentinian coach Daniel Passarella refused to call up Fernando Redondo to his squad despite the player's excellent league form.

    Newspapers later reported that this was due to Passarella's strict disciplinarian approach whereby he insisted that Redondo cut his hair.

    Redondo refused and never played again under Passarella.

Carlos Tevez vs. Roberto Mancini

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    Carlos Tevez had a superb few years playing for Manchester City, scoring an amazing 43 goals in 65 appearances for the Sky Blues.

    However, things turned for the worse when Tevez—who was sat on the bench as a substitute—was asked to warm up for a Champions League game.

    Tevez refused and his manager Roberto Mancini publicly declared he would never play for the club again.

    That statement doesn't seem a false one, with Tevez currently in talks about a move to AC Milan.

Mick McCarthy vs. Roy Keane

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    Mick McCarthy and Roy Keane are both renowned for their tough approach and persona, but what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force?

    In the World Cup 2002 it happened.

    Coach Mick McCarthy criticised Keane for a press conference he had done the day prior, complaining about the Republic of Ireland's training facilities.

    Keane launched into an angry tirade stating:

    "Mick, you're a liar... you're a f*****g w****r. I didn't rate you as a player, I don't rate you as a manager, and I don't rate you as a person. You're a f*****g w*****r and you can stick your World Cup up your arse. The only reason I have any dealings with you is that somehow you are the manager of my country! You can stick it up your b******s."

    Needless to say Keane went home and never played under Mick McCarthy again

Nicholas Anelka and the French National Team vs. Raymond Domenech

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    After verbally abusing French coach Raymond Domenech regarding his tactics and then refusing to apologise, Nicholas Anelka was sent home from the 2010 World Cup.

    Following that decision, the French squad then refused to train in protest to Anelka's departure.

    It marked one of the darkest days in French football history and Anelka was given an 18-match ban from the French team.

    Given his age, he is unlikely to ever play for them again.

Leeds United vs. Brian Clough

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    Brian Clough is considered one of England's most successful managers and one of the greatest managers in history.

    His bronze statue is a place of pride in my home county of Nottinghamshire, England.

    Cloughie didn't have it all his own way, though, when he took over at Leeds United in 1974.

    Clough was sacked after just 44 days in the job and is Leeds United most unsuccessful manager ever.

    It is believed that Clough was sacked after failing to win over dressing room characters such as Billy Bremner and Norman Hunter, who didn't like what he said about their way of winning the title the previous year.

    The story of his short reign can be viewed in the movie The Damned United. 

Wayne Rooney vs. David Moyes

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    Wayne Rooney released his autobiography in 2006, in which he claimed former manager David Moyes passed details of a private conversation on to the Liverpool Echo.

    Whilst that in itself isn't the worse crime, the conversation was relating to Wayne having slept with prostitutes.

    Moyes sued the publisher of the book and named Rooney in the case. Moyes won.

    Rooney also states that his £27 million move to Manchester United was part due to his relationship fallout with Moyes.

Paolo Di Canio vs. Leon Clarke

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    Paolo Di Canio is no stranger to losing his temper, once pushing over Premier League referee Paul Alcock after disagreeing with his red card decision.

    Now manager at Swindon Town, Di Canio had another bust up, this time with striker Leon Clarke over a conversation he believes should have occurred out of the public eye.

    The Telegraph states that the player and manager were pushing and shoving each other before being separated.

    Di Canio declared that Clarke would not play for his Swindon team again, and Clarke has since been loaned to another club.


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    There are many rifts that occur between and player and manager, but quite often they are categorically denied by one of the parties, or they are expertly swept under the rug by skilled press assistants.

    Just googling "manager player rift in premier league" raised stories of Bobby Zamora falling out with Martin Jol, Jermaine Pennant at odds with Tony Pulis, Peter Odemwingie patching things up with Roy Hodgson and Roberto Martinez insisting that everything was fine with Hugo Rodallega.

    The Premier League alone shows just how many temperamental footballers there are, and these aren't even players considered to be the best in the business.

    Sometimes with ability comes arrogance, and sometimes arrogance comes anyway.

    Football managers have enough on their hands dealing with fan pressure and results that they shouldn't have to worry about whether they're upsetting one of their 30-plus squad members.

    At best their stories occasionally make for an interesting read, and at worst we don't have a clue what really goes on behind closed doors.

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