Counting Down the 5 Smartest Pro Athletes

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistDecember 21, 2011

They’re smart.

In fact, they are bordering on annoyingly smart. Not only do they get to live out what would be a dream for any of us mere mortals, they can beat any of us in a game of Words with Friends.

These are the guys that play sudoku just to get their noggins going in the morning. Brain teasers are their lifeblood, and sports merely a passing fad until they get to their real passion.

Every athlete worries about life after their sport has finished with them. These guys have the best retirement plan known to man, a humongous brain and coinciding IQ.

Call them dorks. Heck, call them dweebs for all I care. I just call them wildly intelligent, and they have my utmost respect. You go on with your crazy SAT and MCAT scores.

Just when you thought it was cool to be a dummy, these guys come in to flip the script.


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