Liverpool FC: Changes That Kenny Dalglish Has to Make to Ensure Top 4 EPL Finish

Peter Webster@@petercwebsterContributor IIIDecember 22, 2011

Adam rues his penalty miss that ultimately lead to a 0-0 draw against Wigan
Adam rues his penalty miss that ultimately lead to a 0-0 draw against Wigan

I have long been an advocate of Liverpool needing another striker to partner Luis Suarez.

Andy Carroll has not been the force we all hoped he would be, but having said that, I do believe we need to get behind him as a club more. 

Perhaps now more than ever.

Our motto says "You'll Never Walk Alone" but Carroll is doing exactly that as Liverpool fans shun him as a waste of money.

Yes, he's not worth £35 million, but that doesn't mean we can't try and get the best out of him and give him some confidence.

I think he's a better player than Crouch ever was, but for some reason Crouch never got half the stick Carroll receives.

No striker plays well when they're doubting their own ability, and I'm sure Carroll is no different.

I'm not promoting we start him every week, form will dictate that, but in light of possibly losing Suarez for eight games (or even more when the Fulham fingergate has been resolved) then his presence and form could prove pivotal for the rest of our season.

If Carroll doesn't show signs of commitment or form, then Liverpool fans will be crying out for another striker in the January transfer window.

Suarez, Carroll and someone such as Lukas Podolski would give a great array of abilities that could be tailored to any situation.

Kuyt and Bellamy have the ability to play as strikers, but their roles seem favoured to the wings under Kenny Dalglish, and rightly so in my opinion.

Kuyt can finish well but lacks the pace to scare defenders, whereas Bellamy is almost the exact opposite and doesn't lead the line well by himself.

Life without Suarez seems a daunting one at the moment because once again, Liverpool have become over reliant on one individual rather than contributing as a team.

Goals have been the issue this season so far, and that issue will amplify without Suarez' contribution to help us out.

Even as I wrote the previous line, I looked up to see Charlie Adam miss a penalty against lowly Wigan and condemn us to another goalless draw.

Gerrard will hopefully return soon, but who knows what kind of player he will be having had such a long spell on the sidelines.

The time has come when we need to have three or four players in our squad that can change a game and create something out of nothing.

Whilst I am aware that those signings won't come in January, it might serve that Damien Comolli and Kenny Dalglish learn the hard way that Liverpool's squad, as is, still doesn't have enough quality depth.

Losing Lucas was a blow, but one we could cope with.

Losing Suarez without bringing someone in could be disastrous.


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