San Francisco 49ers Play Lights-Out Football on Monday Night

Ryan The BrokerAnalyst IDecember 21, 2011

On Monday night, the San Francisco 49ers beat the Steelers in record breaking fashion. Despite two power outages at Candlestick and an offense who continues to stumble, the Niners pulled off a powerful 20-3 win against one of the best teams in the NFL.

The Niners are now 11-3, and it's no mystery how they got here: they have the best defense, kicker and punter in the NFL, a ball control offense and the definite coach of the year.

The 49ers continue to cross new boundaries, breaking a handful of records on Monday night. They now have the most sacks in the league with 35, the biggest turnover differential at plus-25 and they are now the only team in NFL history to not allow a rushing touchdown in 14 games. Aldon Smith broke the 49ers' record for the most sacks by a rookie, after picking up his 13th sack on the season. Kicker David Akers set the 49ers' single-season scoring record (surpassing the great Jerry Rice) with 141 points—and not to be outdone—coach Jim Harbaugh tied his brother as the second-winningest rookie head coach in NFL history.

This team may lack offensively, but no one can deny their overall greatness any longer. If the 49ers can win their final two games, they will secure the second seed in the NFC and a bye week heading into the playoffs.

On Christmas Eve, the 49ers fly to Seattle to challenge a surging Seahawks team in a tough environment. Despite having an offense that struggles to score touchdowns, they should have everything they need to deliver celebrating Niners fans their first Christmas present on the 24th.

Enjoy this momentous victory Niner fans, and have a great holiday!

This article was originally published in the Benicia Herald.

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