The Worst Loss for Every NFL Team This Year

Daniel BarnesCorrespondent IIIDecember 22, 2011

The Worst Loss for Every NFL Team This Year

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    Well, now that the Packers have finally dropped one, every team has a loss.

    This season has been pretty crazy. There have been a ridiculous number of upsets, and I mean major upsets that usually don't happen.

    I blame the lockout. The shortened offseason has made pretty much every NFL team inconsistent in at least one or two areas of play, and that resulted in a crazy season.

    So, in retrospect, what was every team's worst loss this season? Read on to find out.

Arizona Cardinals: At Minnesota, Week 5

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    The Cardinals have been on fire lately, winning six of their last seven games, including wins over the 49ers, Eagles and Cowboys. Before that, though, they were miserable.

    The worst loss was to the 2-12 Vikings. It's not just that it's a loss to a bad team, but that it's a blowout by a bad team.

    The only other win by the Vikings came against the Panthers, so letting them beat you 34-10 is pretty close to unforgivable.

Atlanta Falcons: At Houston, Week 13

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    You may be scratching your head about this one, but the Falcons didn't have any really bad losses this season.

    There was their first game against Tampa Bay, but that was close and it was before Tampa fell apart.

    This one is the worst because the Falcons simply could not get anything done offensively. Were the Texans a good team? Yes. Was it on the road? Yes. Is it forgivable? Yes.

    Still, watching that game, the Falcons just looked terrible. Happens to the best of us though. At least they'll still probably make the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens: At San Diego, Week 15

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    The Ravens haven't lost to a good team this season. They've beaten the Steelers twice, the 49ers, the Texans, the Jets and the Bengals. That's impressive.

    What's not impressive are their losses: Tennessee, Seattle, Jacksonville and San Diego.

    The Ravens just do not match up well with mediocre or bad teams on the road. However, I think the loss to the Chargers is the worst because the Ravens defense, one of the best defenses in the NFL, gave up 34 points to the Chargers.

    That is a sorry performance. Where was T-Sizzle? What about the unblockable Haloti Ngata? Ed Reed?

    I still like the Ravens to go to the Super Bowl from the AFC, but man they make it hard to defend that statement sometimes.

Buffalo Bills: At Miami, Week 11

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    The Bills lost contests to the Dolphins, but their first matchup was the worst. The Dolphins were rolling at the time, having won two in a row, while the Bills were in the opposite predicament (lost two in a row).

    This game made the streak extend to three for both squads. Also, it was a 35-8 blowout.

    The Bills never recovered, and they haven't won a game since.

    You could say their loss the week before to the Cowboys was worse, since it was the most one-sided game they've lost, but the Cowboys were good at the time. The Dolphins beat them nearly as badly, and they did it as a 2-7 team.

Carolina Panthers: Vs. Tennessee, Week 10

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    The Titans are a mediocre team. They aren't really good, but they aren't really bad either, so a loss to them by a pretty weak Panthers team isn't too bad.

    What is bad is letting them completely shut down Cam Newton in a way that no other team has been able to do.

    Hasselbeck picked apart the Panthers defense and Chris Johnson ran wild on them. That's not bad. In fact, that was expected.

    However, the Titans defense racked up five sacks, eight tackles for loss, six defended passes and eight quarterback hits while limiting Cam to 212 passing yards and no touchdowns. The Titans have a pretty good defense, but come on, it's not that good.

    Jordan Gross was particularly bad in this game. He got beaten nearly every time and committed a lot of penalties.

Chicago Bears: At Oakland, Week 12

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    This was a close game (25-20) to a pretty good team, so how is it the Bears' worst loss of the season? They lost Matt Forte.

    The week before this game, against the Chargers, the Bears lost Jay Cutler for the season to a thumb injury. That was bad, but the Bear were already 7-3, so they just needed a few more wins to get into the playoffs. Besides, they still had Matt Forte, and he's been one of the best running backs in the NFL this season.

    Not for long though. Forte left the game against the Raiders early on. Without their starting running back or quarterback, the Bears have difficulty scoring and they haven't won a game since the loss to the Raiders.

Cincinnati Bengals: At Denver, Week 2

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    Remember that time before the Broncos defense came together and before Tim Tebow started to win games (sort of) in the fourth quarter and the Broncos sucked? Yeah, well those are the Broncos that Cincinnati lost to.

    Cincinnati has gotten better since then. They're 8-6 with three of those losses being close games to the Texans (20-19), the Steelers (24-17) and the Ravens (31-24).

    However, if they hadn't let that early game get away from them, they'd be 9-5 and almost assured a playoff appearance, even with tough games against Arizona and Baltimore left to go.

Cleveland Browns: Vs. St. Louis, Week 10

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    There are a lot of losses to choose from for the Browns, but the Rams loss is probably the worst, not because it was so one-sided, but because of how close it was.

    The Browns could've taken advantage of a home game against a one-win opponent for their fourth win, but instead, they blew it, losing to St. Louis by a field goal halfway through the fourth quarter.

    The Browns never went to the end zone. They had six different players that attempted a rush, but they only totaled 126 yards on one of the worst run defenses in the country.

    No matter how close it is, watching a team play a whole game without getting to the end zone is just sad.

Dallas Cowboys: Vs. New York Giants, Week 14

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    This was the worst loss for the Cowboys because of how bad they looked in the loss along with the fact that they lost the lead in their division after it.

    This was a close game all the way through, and I remember turning the game off after the Cowboys scored their last touchdown. After all, they had just taken a 12-point lead with 5:41 left. The game was over.

    Wrong. The Cowboys defense, featuring the best pass-rusher in the game and coordinated by Rex Ryan's twin brother, just had to keep the Giants from scoring twice in four minutes. Should be easy, shouldn't it?

    Apparently it wasn't. The Giants scored immediately, stopped the Cowboys offense, scored again and then blocked the Cowboys' field goal. This whole meltdown took place in five minutes.

    The Cowboys now need to beat the Giants on the road to clinch their division. Tough to do.

Denver Broncos: Vs. Detroit, Week 8

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    Tebow's second start was by far his worst outing. The Lions defense made him look just plain silly.

    The Lions sacked him seven times, deflected six of his passes and got another seven tackles for loss.

    Tebow completed fewer than half his passes for a touchdown and an interception (the touchdown only came in the last few minutes, when the Lions were ahead 45-3). By the way, the interception was returned for a defensive touchdown.

    Since I have the Lions defense on my fantasy team, Tim Tebow was my fantasy MVP that week. He got me about 30 points against the Lions.

    Of course, since then, the Broncos have played a lot better overall, but they still haven't proven that they can hang with the big boys.

Detroit Lions: Vs. Atlanta, Week 7

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    The Lions don't have a lot of losses to choose from, and since three of those losses were to the Saints, Packers, Bears and 49ers, there's not a ton you can fault them for.

    Because of their pretty good track record, their worst loss has to be the only loss they have to a team that is less than elite, and that is the loss to the Falcons.

    It was a close game, and both defenses fought hard to keep the other from scoring, but the Falcons stayed in the lead from the first time they put points up.

    Of course, this was right after Jahvid Best suffered his season-ending concussion, so the Lions were having some rushing troubles, but the credit goes to the Falcons defense on this one.

Green Bay Packers: At Kansas City, Week 15

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    It's their only loss. Kind of a given that it's their worst.

Houston Texans: Vs. Carolina, Week 15

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    Before the loss to Carolina, the Texans boasted one of the best defenses in the league. They were having a lot of problems on offense with injuries, but their defense looked like a top-three group that could carry them deep into the playoffs.

    Carolina showed that that wasn't necessarily the case. Cam Newton picked Houston apart, leading his team to a 21-0 lead by the end of the first half. They slowed down in the second half when the Texans kept not scoring, and so the game ended with an easy win for Carolina 28-13.

    The Texans did not look like a commanding division champion in this matchup.

Indianapolis Colts: At New Orleans, Week 7

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    So many to choose from...

    Why not just go with the biggest blowout I've even seen in professional football?

    In Week 7, the Saints were looking to redeem an embarrassing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by still showing that they were still a force to be reckoned with. They certainly did that.

    The Saints put up 62 points on the Colts—62 points. Let that sink in for a second.

    The Colts, not to be shut out, did manage to get to the end zone one time, and that's it.

    There's really nothing else that needs to be said about that—62-7 pretty much says it all.

Jacksonville Jaguars: At Cleveland, Week 11

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    Two of the worst teams in the league went head to head in Week 11, and the home team came out on top, which sucks for Jaguars fans.

    The Browns haven't really posted any impressive wins (having beaten the Colts, Dolphins and Seahawks), and so the game against Jacksonville may have been their best win of the season.

    The Jaguars defense came through, limiting the Browns to 14 points, but their offense couldn't deliver. Maurice Jones-Drew had a decent game, averaging over four yards a carry and scoring their only touchdown, but Blaine Gabbert more than made up for that.

    Gabbert was 22-of-41 and averaged only about five yards per attempt. Bad enough to keep the Jags out of the red zone and making them lose to the Browns.

Kansas City Chiefs: Vs. Miami, Week 9

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    Looking back, this loss doesn't look as bad. At the time, however, it was awful.

    The Chiefs were red-hot. They'd won four games in a row and were hosting a winless Dolphins team; this one was in the bag.

    Unfortunately for the Chiefs, that's not how it turned out. Matt Moore had a breakout performance against the Chiefs, and Reggie Bush was there to run all over them as well.

    Moore completed 17-of-23 throws for 244 yards and three touchdowns. He did this two weeks after the Chiefs reeled in six interceptions against the Raiders.

    Bush stacked on more yards, rushing for 92 yards and an additional touchdown.

    The Dolphins have continued to win since then, while the Chiefs have fallen apart. They didn't win again until they faced an emasculated Chicago offense in Week 13.

Miami Dolphins: Vs. Denver, Week 7

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    Before the Dolphins started winning all their games, they were 0-6 and looking to maybe scored their first win against a terrible Broncos team that had just changed quarterbacks. This was not to be the case.

    The Dolphins seemed to have the win locked up, but with five minutes to play, the Broncos put two scoring drives together and got a two-point conversion to tie the game 15-15.

    In what had to be a heartbreaker for Dolphins fans, the Broncos won in overtime, keeping he Dolphins from their first win.

Minnesota Vikings: Vs. New Orleans, Week 15

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    Week 14 Vikings: "Wow, we just put up 28 points on the Detroit defense on the road! They only beat us by six points! We host the Saints next week and their defense isn't nearly that good; there's a chance we could upset them!"

    Week 15 Saints: "Nope." (They score 42 points on Minnesota.)

    Week 15 Vikings: "Dang, you're right."

New England Patriots: At Buffalo, Week 3

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    None of New England's losses are terrible, and they only had three of them.

    The Bills were rolling when the Patriots played them, and the two high-powered offenses scored a lot on each other. The Bills came out on top, but it wasn't one-sided (34-31).

    Still, the other losses were against the Steelers and the Giants, so I guess the loss to the Bills is the only real option.

New Orleans Saints: At St. Louis, Week 8

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    This was one of the biggest upsets of the season, if not the biggest.

    The Rams hadn't won a game and the Saints were the No. 1-ranked offense in the league. Yet somehow, St. Louis held New Orleans to 21 points. That is the second-lowest point total the Saints have had this season.

    The week before, the Saints piled 62 points onto the winless Colts. Then, the Rams beat them.


New York Giants: Vs. Washington, Week 15

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    Another Week 15 game (and it's not the last one).

    The Giants lost to Washington in Week 1, but that was different. Rex Grossman was playing well, New York was on the road, the offseason was short and it was their first game. These things happen.

    Since then, Washington had only won three more games while New York had just beaten the Cowboys to take control of their division. Things will be different this time.

    Nope. Redskins win 23-10.

New York Jets: At Philadelphia, Week 15

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    Like I said, not the last Week 15 game.

    The Jets lucked out by seeing Tennessee lose to the Colts, giving them one fewer opponent to worry about in the race for the Wild Card. All they had to do now was beat the anemic Eagles and move up to nine wins and almost assuring them a spot in the playoffs.

    But they didn't. They didn't even show up. The Eagles, who had only won five games before that, smashed the Jets, beating them 45-19. And the game wasn't even as close as that score makes it sound.

    The Eagles simply had their way with the Jets.

Oakland Raiders: Vs. Kansas City, Week 7

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    Shutouts are never good. Especially when you toss six interceptions to the other team.

    The Chiefs weren't exactly feared when they played the Raiders, who were in the lead in their division. Furthermore, the Raiders had just given up a first-round pick and more to sign quarterback Carson Palmer.

    The Chiefs intercepted Palmer three times; then the Raiders switched to Kyle Boller, who was also intercepted three times. Talk about a nightmare.

    The two quarterbacks' combined ratings add up to a 39.6; that's how bad the Raiders were in this game.

Pittsburgh Steelers: At Baltimore, Week 1

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    The Steelers' only losses are to the Ravens, 49ers and Texans. All of those teams have won 10 games, so I'm going with the biggest blowout.

    The Ravens stomped the Steelers and became everyone's favorite to win the AFC after their season opener. The Ravens beat the Steelers 35-7.

    Big Ben threw three interceptions and the Steelers rushed for a total of 66 yards.

    Their defense was no better, giving up 170 rushing yards and five touchdowns. They forced no turnovers.

    The Steelers have since recovered and clinched a playoff spot. It remains to be decided if it'll be as division champion or a wild-card team.

Philadelphia Eagles: Vs. San Francisco, Week 4

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    Why choose a one-point loss to a great team as the worst loss in the season? Because that loss turned the Dream Team into a 1-3 squad that was clearly in trouble.

    Also, no one knew, at that point, how good the 49ers were, so there's that too.

    The Eagles lost their next game as well, digging them deeper in the hole and starting the "Fire Andy Reid" talk. The Eagles are till technically in the hunt for the playoffs, but unless they make a deep playoff run, the Dream Team will be considered a flop.

San Diego Chargers: Vs. Oakland, Week 12

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    The Chargers did their usual thing, starting as the favorites to win the division before falling apart at some point.

    This game was the tipping point. It was here that the Chargers fell below .500, and lost the lead in their division.

    Sure, they'd lost three in a row before this, but two of those losses were to very good teams and the other was in overtime. The loss to the Raiders showed that the Chargers weren't just having a run of bad luck—they were in trouble.

    The Chargers lost two more games before they won their next one and they just now got back to .500.

San Francisco 49ers: At Arizona, Week 14

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    Next to the Rams over the Saints, this might be the upset that caught the most people off guard.

    Yeah, the Cardinals were on a streak, but no one expected that streak to continue into the 49ers game. The 49ers are an elite team.

    Didn't look like it against the Cardinals though. San Fran's defense forced three turnovers, but that wasn't enough to get the offense off the ground. Alex Smith completed fewer than half his passes and the 49ers rushed for a total of only 90 yards.

    Poor performance all around by San Francisco. Oh well, no biggie—they beat the crap out of the Steelers the next week.

Seattle Seahawks: At Pittsburgh, Week 2

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    Nothing feels worse than a shutout. As good as the Steelers were, and as low as the expectations for the Seahawks were, shutouts hurt.

    The Steelers had just come off a 35-7 loss to the Ravens, and they were looking to take their frustration out on someone else. That's exactly what they did to Seattle.

    The Steelers didn't force a single turnover and Tarvaris Jackson completed 20-of-29 passes that game. That's how badly the rest of the offense played to keep the Seahawks from scoring.

    The team rushed for a total of 31 yards. This was about the point where people started to say that the Seahawks may be the worst team in the league.

St. Louis Rams: At Arizona, Week 9

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    Going into Week 9, the Rams were feeling pretty good. They had just upset the Saints and were now facing a very unimpressive Cardinals team.

    They played close, and at the end of regulation play, the scores were tied 13-13. The Rams had the ball first, but were unable to get in scoring position, so they punted it. Patrick Peterson caught the ball on the 1, backing into the end zone as he caught it.

    Rather than take a knee to get the 20 yards, he took the ball and ran with defenders right on his heels. It seemed like a horrible decision at first, until he broke a few tackles and returned the ball 99 yards for a game-ending touchdown.

    Rams thought they were going to get their second win there, but they were denied. That had to hurt.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Vs. Chicago, Week 7

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    Last season, the Buccaneers were the youngest team in the league and they were 10-6 in one of the toughest divisions in the league. Not a bad way to be coming into 2011.

    When they faced Chicago, they were 4-2 and had only lost to the 49ers and the Lions. They also had a win over both the Saints and the Falcons. Things were looking good for the Bucs.

    Then they played Chicago and everything changed. Chicago beat them by six. Not a huge deal, right? Chicago is a great team. Then they went on the road and lost to the Saints. Then they came back home and lost to the get the idea.

    Tampa hasn't won a game since then. Talk about a meltdown.

Tennessee Titans: At Colts, Week 15

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    This one is just as easy as the Packers. When you are the only team in the NFL to lose to a particular team, it's your worst loss.

Washington Redskins: At Buffalo, Week 8

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    When Buffalo's defense shuts you out, you've had a bad week.

    John Beck threw two interceptions and no touchdowns in this game and fumbled the ball too. The Redskins need a new quarterback.