Erin Andrews Single Again: Who Should She Date Next?

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterDecember 22, 2011

Erin Andrews Single Again: Who Should She Date Next?

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    The word on the street is that ESPN anchor (and national treasure) Erin Andrews has called it quits with boyfriend Josh Hopkins after six months of dating. 

    I know what you're thinking. First, YAY! And second, who the hell is Josh Hopkins?

    Well first, I couldn't agree more! And second, apparently he's an actor and has starred in a number of television shows you've never seen. 

    No offense to this Hopkins character, but dude was straight up out of his league. Sure he's an actor, but Ms. Erin Andrews is a superstar and she should be dating a superstar. 

    Let me bounce some ideas off you. 

10. Pau Gasol

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    Kobe Bryant is out with a wrist injury, which means Pau Gasol is the interim superstar on the Los Angeles Lakers. The Clippers may have landed Chris Paul, but we all know that their time in the limelight has an expiration date. 

    This is going to be a tough year for the Lakers and Gasol blowing kisses to a courtside Erin Andrews would create some buzz and provide a welcome distraction for fans as their team rebuilds. 

9. Leonardo DiCaprio

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    Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest movie stars in the world whose dating resume is a who's who of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover models. 

    Andrews might not be a model by profession, but she probably could have been if she were less ambitious. These two would be a great match. Imagine Erin courtside at Lakers games, on the red carpet at the Oscars and frolicking in a bikini on a yacht in the Mediterranean. 

    The world suddenly looks like a less dark place, right?

8. Ryan Braun

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    My how the fortunes of the Brewers superstar Ryan Braun have changed. Just a couple of months ago he was one of the most celebrated players in MLB and the MVP of the National League. Today he's been tainted by a PED scandal, he may be stripped of his MVP title and he's been issued a 50-game suspension. 

    At least he's still rich and handsome! That means he doesn't have any image problems that couldn't be remedied by a romance with good girl Erin Andrews, America's Sweetheart. Thanks to the suspension, he's going to have a lot of extra free time next spring; why not spend it on the beaches of St. Barts with a bikini-clad blonde?

7. Prince Harry

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    Believe it or not, Great Britain's youngest prince is actually 27 years old now! Which means there's only a six-year age gap between Prince Harry and Erin Andrews, American royalty. 

    Sure, they probably won't get married; there are probably some kind of rules and regulations about who these kids can marry, but who cares? Andrews is a career gal who is enjoying the single life and doesn't seem in any rush to lock something down. These two would create an actual global sensation. 

6. Aaron Rodgers

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    Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Erin Andrews were reportedly dating in early 2011. Unfortunately it didn't work out at the time, but the two remained friends. 

    As usual with the (understandably) very private Andrews, the details are vague, but the split probably had something to do with hectic schedules. Perhaps it's time for these kids to slow down a little bit and make room for love. Let's give this one another chance. 

5. Dwight Howard

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    Since Shaquille O'Neal is retired, that means the Magic's Dwight Howard is the reigning Superman of the NBA. Well an unconventional Superman needs an unconventional Lois Lane; blondes have more fun anyway, right? 

    This coupling would be even better if Howard finally makes his way to the "Brooklyn" Nets. The addition of Howard and Erin Andrews to the Nets would officially cancel out the heinousness of Kris Humphries.  

4. Blake Griffin

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    So, if Pau Gasol and Erin Andrews would create some buzz in Los Angeles, imagine the media firestorm that Blake Griffin and Erin Andrews would create. 

    Forget LeBron, Kobe, Melo and Dirk! Blake Griffin is the official "It Guy" of the NBA and pairing him with the perennial "It Girl" of sports media would be glorious. Especially glorious for those of us that live for sports and gossip. 

3. Justin Timberlake

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    Justin Timberlake is a legit megastar and has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world. Timberlake is a sports fanatic and he's got a thing for leggy blondes, which Ms. Andrews just so happens to be.

    They would have very beautiful, very talented and very likable children.  

2. Mark Sanchez

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    New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is the second-most eligible bachelor in New York sports. Sanchize has been linked with various broads since landing in The Big Apple, but nobody high-profile. Recently there have been rumors that he may be dating model Kate Upton, but he's still officially single until they issue a joint press release. 

    Let's get real though, the dude is only an okay quarterback and he could use a high-profile romance to generate enough good will and enthusiasm to carry him through the week after he lays the occasional egg on Sunday. 

    Plus Erin Andrews is part of the sports media; maybe she could put in a good word for Sanchize at The New York Post and avoid some of those hostile pun(ny) headlines. 

1. Derek Jeter

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    This is just a no-brainer. Derek Jeter and Erin Andrews are two of the most beloved people in sports and, frankly, it's surprising that they haven't already dated. We should work together as a nation to make this thing happen...imagine the fairytale wedding!  

    And if things don't work out, at least Erin will walk away with some merch.