Christmas NBA & NFL: Ways to Overcome the Sports Grinch

Derek CrouseContributor IIIDecember 21, 2011

We have reached yet another Christmas season. The NFL has been in full swing and there are still over 20 teams left in the hunt. The NBA finally decided that they didn’t want to lose any money and will start their season at an opportune time.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with a full slate of NFL games on Christmas Eve as well as a full platter of NBA games on Christmas!

The question that arises is, “Are they going to have the game on?” This can take some strategy if you are entering a “No Fun Zone” where your family will congregate. While my Grandmother is a casual sports fan, my Grandfather could care less about the score of anything but his credit score. It’s even worse at the in-laws.

You can usually find me ostracized in a room with the little TV by myself like a felon in the state pen.

A sports fanatic needs to take some steps to make sure that their sports fix and Christmas spirit can have balance. If you know there is no chance at watching any programming Saturday or Sunday the first thing you need to do is burn your man card.

In times past, guys had to go to their local watering hole with other degenerates to congregate for game time. This isn’t going to gain you any points with the lady, but you do have options to get around being in the doghouse.

Technology is a sports junkie’s best friend. The DVR is nice, but what if you want it right now like a child staring under the tree. Also, friends calling and texting about the games can spoil DVR programming. If you have a smart phone, you can download the NFL app and watch the Redzone right from the palm of your hand. It really drowns out the kicking and screaming of children and helps block out the Christmas shows that repeat over and over all day.

Just grab your favorite drink and enjoy your 4-inch HDTV.

Another great strategy is to recruit the little ones while they are young. Kids are like sponges and tend to mimic people. I still haven’t had any offspring so I can start new Christmas traditions. From Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years the name of the game will be food, football, and family (in that order).

If you have children who are little jocks already then you are way ahead of the game.

Bribery is usually frowned upon, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

First off, just ask them if you can watch the game. If they deny you the remote, break out the candy and treats as negotiation bait. Just keep feeding them full of sugar until they get all their energy out. They will crash soon enough and then you have the freedom you have worked so hard for. It’s Machiavellian, but the ends justify the means.

This is the best time of year for the hardcore sports fan, but it can be also the worst time of the year if you don’t plan ahead and do some serious game management.