Mayhem Miller: "I Displayed the Worst of Everything That Night in the Octagon"

First LastCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2011

Jason "Mayhem" Miller had every intention of making his long-awaited comeback to the UFC worth the wait, but after suffering a third-round TKO loss to Michael Bisping at the most recent Ultimate Fighter finale, many have been questioning if the hype for his return was unwarranted.

UFC president Dana White had strong words for his performance in a post-fight interview, calling Miller's stand-up "the worst I've ever seen." Miller posted a blog on his website on Tuesday, acknowledging White's comments:

As someone who goes to my website, you are well aware that I lost my recent fight. I am very disappointed about it, but have used the past couple weeks to reflect on everything and have come to some conclusions.

Dana White was right. He made some disparaging comments about my performance, and I agree with him. I displayed the worst of everything that night in the octagon. I was tense in round one and I locked up after that. I didn’t perform to my potential, and I take full responsibility for it. That wasn’t a UFC caliber performance, and I’m not happy about it- I won’t, however, write a worthless diatribe on myself, because that is not constructive. I elect instead to take this misstep and make something positive out of it.

Miller and Bisping both coached opposite each other on the most recent Ultimate Fighter, which many called one of the best seasons in a long time.

Although the fight didn't live up to the hype that was generated between the trash-talking from both fighters, the result was definite for Bisping, who now sits in a top contender position in the UFC's middleweight division.

With the loss to Bisping behind him, Miller is now 0-2 in the UFC with his other loss coming against a then-rising welterweight contender in Georges St-Pierre at UFC 52.

There is no word of when Miller plans on returning to the cage, but he will have to make sure he gets a win to stay in the UFC.