WWE It Begins 2012: 15 Candidates Other Than Chris Jericho and Undertaker

Shalaj Lawania@_Apex_Predator_Senior Analyst IDecember 22, 2011

WWE It Begins 2012: 15 Candidates Other Than Chris Jericho and Undertaker

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    We've all pretty much narrowed the options down to Chris Jericho, Undetaker and Shane/Stephanie McMahon when it comes to the "It Begins" mystery WWE is teasing fans with. But there is a chance we're being played big time.

    Jericho keeps denying everything and openly voices his band touring dates, which at times clash with WWE shows. Undertaker is set to return after Royal Rumble, and Shane is out of the WWE.

    One thing we've overlooked is that we are considering stars who might return. However, I'm considering current stars who might turn up under a gimmick change too. 

    This slideshow lists the unlikeliest first, and it gets more realistic as we move on. 

15. Samoa Joe

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    I'd go to say Samoa Joe is becoming the John Morrison of TNA. If he does what #JoMoSapien did, he might end up chancing a return to WWE. You never know, with these TNA stars. The Samoan Submission Machine, unfortunately, is still under contract with TNA which makes this one of the unlikeliest. (Or that's what I think.)

    No harm in fantasizing, though. 

14. Rob Van Dam

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    RVD is another TNA star who has voiced a desire to return to WWE. The fans would love him back because he is after all, the whole effin' show. He's not being used properly by TNA, and while I can't say that WWE will use him well too, there's no harm in trying.

    His current TNA contract makes this unlikely too, but I have no clue when it's set to expire. I do feel that RVD is going to return, at some point or the other.

13. Kurt Angle

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    Another self-proclaimed best wrestler in the world. Angle's return to WWE would warrant such big hype and promos if he did make that decision.

    The Olympic Gold Medalist would easily receive a big pop and would cause a social media outburst if he returned to the company that made him a star.

    But then, no clue about his TNA contract either. 

12. MVP

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    Sorry, just kidding.

    Let's move on.. and it get's more realistic from here.

11. The Rock: Heel

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    Something needs to happen in the Cena-Rock feud to spice it up. If Cena ain't turning heel anytime soon, then maybe it's the Rock's turn.

    This would be one shocking move on WWE's part. The only reason I find this unlikely is that they wouldn't risk defacing The Rock when he has big movies like GI Joe coming out. Otherwise, it would be awesome… something as big as the return of Jericho or Undertaker.

    It isn't something unheard of - Hulk Hogan was heel at the time he was feuding with the Rock. If you're having a current icon VS ex-icon match, knowing fully well who is going to stay with you for a longer time, then you need to get the crowd behind the star who is the present and future.

    The Rock can easily recover his babyface image after the feud - he's The Rock after all.

    You know you want to see this.

10. Mick Foley as Dude Love/Cactus Jack/Mankind

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    Mick Foley's back in the WWE and being used horribly. He has given two horrible segment/shows. Looking at the nature of these promos, these would surely suit Cactus Jack or Mankind.

    The It Begins promos began airing the day after Survivor Series, a week after Mick made his first appearance in WWE after years.  

    The reason it's this high on the unlikely list is because I'm not sure how much of wrestling is left in Mr. Foley. Despite that, he's also voiced an interest in facing Miz so he is probably looking for another run, however short.

    If you ask why... I'll ask why not?

9. Batista

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    Batista has been unnecessarily nudging a lot of WWE stars via Twitter these days. His interest (and hatred for some stars) in a company he's vowed to never return to in it's current state is still surprising.

    He recently criticized Daniel Bryan's WHC win, which might be WWE's way of starting Twitter feuds which finally culminate on TV.

    I don't know, but all Batista's tweets have proved that he's still watching the show he calls crap and watching it intently at that. He's also just finished making a movie, so I guess he is free for wrestling again.

8. Brock Lesnar

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    Brock Lesnar is back on talking terms with WWE (at least). He is a part WWE'12 -which was a surprising move really.

    He has also voiced an interest to return if they can work something out together. 

    What if they already have? 

    The unlikely factor though, is that he's signed with UFC.


    But then, you never know.

7. Andy Leavine

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    Remember him? 

    Yes, he got a Stone Cold Stunner once on RAW in this year, and then disappeared.

    I have no clue why he's being buried, having not seen him perform in the ring at all… but surely they'd wish to bring back the winner of Tough Enough into WWE if they want Tough Enough to actually hold some credibility as a reality show?

    Pretty sure they wouldn't want TE to turn into a joke, and what better way to hype it than pushing the winner to the moon?

6. Brodus Clay

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    I've a feeling that WWE might make Brodus Clay debut on 2nd January in order to make us believe for a short while that he is indeed the man behind these promos. He most probably won't be, because he had his own set of promos which led him nowhere.

    But you've got to consider him as an option (some clues point to him too) because he is one angry force looking to return to WWE. Expect him to be your disappointment of the century before the actual mystery man comes out.

    Unless, of course, he is the guy behind these promos. Boy will the IWC be annoyed.

5. CM Punk: Heel/Different Gimmick

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    The only reason I find this unlikely at the moment is because CM Punk is new emerging face of the company. But it does make for good storyline material which is why it's on this list. Punk is out to make WWE interesting again, and it'll be interesting to see whether he'd do so at a sacrifice of his own fame and glory.

    CM Punk is better heel in my opinion. He's been one for some years, and the fact he now politely talks to the crowd he once considered inferior and dirty and filthy is a bit unbelievable. He's also had a knack for changing gimmicks often. If the reigning champion turns his back on the company, that'd make for some good television. 

    Also, Punk's a smart wrestler. If he does change his gimmick to something hinted at by the promos, it'll be awesome to watch. 

    It's a battle of Ratings (Heel) VS Merchandise sales (Face) here.

4. John Cena

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    Oh come on, you knew this would come somewhere. No article is complete without a Cena heel turn debate.

    I actually thought it was possible when I first thought of it. Imagine Cena coming out on 2nd January under a different gimmick (yeah, heel). Would it shock all of us? Yes.

    Would a Cena heel turn deserve such promos? Yes.

    WWE once said years back that if Cena would turn heel, they would make him the baddest heel in history.

    …and lately they've been keeping him out of PPVs and releasing "Cena Sucks!" shirts. It's a bit surprising really. Why would you want to deface the face of your company? 

    He's managed (and still is managing) somewhat despite half the audience turning on him… but now the company he brags about working day and night for is turning on him. Enough to warrant a change in personality?

    Or maybe the Cena Sucks shirts is just another merchandise gold mine.

3. Skip Sheffield/Ryback

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    A recent twitter burst was either meant to confuse us a bit or a sly way of dropping their big hint. Sheffield put out a number of tweets, hinting at his return with the gimmick 'Ryback' and citing the words 'It begins'.

    These tweets have now been deleted from his account. Weird stuff is happening in Twitter all over.

    If he wasn't meant to be the guy behind these promos, then I don't see why WWE would mind him tweeting such stuff and creating some hype away from Chris Jericho and Undertaker. Those two get a bigger pop if half the audience was under the belief that they would be seeing Mr. Sheffield. But he was forced to remove those tweets... I wonder why.

    Of course, it'll be a horrible disappointment to see him after these amazing promos, and I'm pretty sure WWE wouldn't have spent so much time on these promos for someone like Skip Sheffield. 

    But then, it all depends on how much potential McMahon sees in Ryback, because he'll definitely get one of the best debuts (proper debut, not under Nexus) a star can ever get.

2. Randy Orton: Heel

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    The countdown to the mystery man's appearance begins. At the end of it, Voices plays and enters The Viper - heel Orton.

    I would love that.

    Face Orton is one valuable star for SmackDown but it just doesn't suit Randy. His whole gimmick is based on being heel. 

    He has built his gimmick around being unstable and mental. He can easily turn heel because of the smallest of things (WHC comes first in mind though). He hasn't really sucked up the Universe at any point in his face turn anyway.

    The opinions on face Orton are slowly heading in the Cena direction, though we're not quite there yet thanks to the fact that Orton doesn't always win. He did win over Barrett and Cody Rhodes in PPV matches recently though and that was just bad booking.

    Let's also not forget that RAW currently lacks a top heel. With Mark Henry's injuries, I guess SmackDown does too. With such promos and the gimmick it might bring, I expect Orton become ten times better than The Apex Predator.

    It'll give a smaller pop than Chris Jericho or Undertaker, but heel Orton will be great to have again. It means he won't be foolishly running off matches to chase Wade Barrett and getting counted out.  

1. Vincent Kennedy McMahon

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    This actually makes a lot of sense. John Laurianiatus isn't doing the best of jobs as RAW GM which Punk is quick to point out every day. Teddy Long's actions at TLC and with Aksana aren't something you'd expect out of a General Manager. Add to that that Vince was rudely kicked out of his own company, and keep in mind it's Vince McMahon we're talking about, and you have a logical storyline.

    If there's someone in the WWE who can add a lot of depth to a feud and to the shows in general, it's Vince. Just see the difference he made in the Punk-Cena feud in the summer of 2011.

    I don't want him wrestling again, but having him back does count. Look at the amount of screen time Johnny Ace and Teddy Long get, and you'll see that non-wrestlers count a lot in WWE too.

    After the whole Summer of Punk thing, WWE admitted that they'd look for more storylines that aren't just confined in the ring and deal with an outsider's point of view on the company.

    What better way than putting the whole in jeopardy, because the once-brashly-kicked-out Chairman is back to seek revenge?


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    I'm not saying it's going to any of them. The last promo which simply said "I can't save you anymore. Don't you understand?" established the image of The Best In The World At What He Does in my mind, and it's refusing to budge.

    The girl however, makes me feel it's Shane/Stephanie.

    However, if on 2nd January The Undertaker comes walking out, I'll just believe that the above three stars were scrapped at last moment. We all know Undertaker is going to come back just for Wrestlemania, no point in hyping a temporary 2-3 month stint.