San Francisco 49ers to Miami Heat: Top 10 Bandwagon Teams of 2011

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San Francisco 49ers to Miami Heat: Top 10 Bandwagon Teams of 2011
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I like to think that I'm the ultimate authority when it comes to being a bandwagon fan.  

The first football jersey I ever owned was Peyton Manning's with a Superbowl XLI patch; after watching the victory over New England in the AFC Championship, I was an Indy fan.

We're all guilty of being a bandwagon fan at one time or another.  Hell, it's how most of us became fans of our teams in the first place.  We can convince ourselves and our friends that because your dad grew up in St. Louis, you have a right to be a Cardinals fan.  Who cares if it just happens to be right after Game 6 of the World Series?

There is a trick to being a good bandwagon fan, though.  For example, I hitched onto Indy's wagon at an opportune time, but am still just as big a fan at 1-13 as I was when they beat the Bears; I stand by my shameless endorsement. I started with nothing, and gained an appreciation for a good team.  

No shame in being a bandwagon fan, as long as you stick to your guns when it counts.    

2011 was a great year to hop on some bandwagons.  There were a ton of teams emerging as contenders that haven't had the marquee success as say the Patriots, Yankees or Red Wings.  

Some of them flourished, and a good amount floundered.  

It was a great year to reset our allegiances, and concoct new rationalizations for all of them.  

Without further adieu, and submitted for your disapproval, I give you the top 10 bandwagon teams of 2011.  

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