College Football 2011: The 25 Most Overrated and Underrated Teams

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2011

College Football 2011: The 25 Most Overrated and Underrated Teams

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    Every season, opinions differ as to where which team should be ranked, and college football fans across the country debate which teams are prepared to take it to the next level during bowl season.

    This list is compiled of 25 teams, each of which is either overrated, or underrated.

    It's like the McRib.

    Totally underrated, we just can't get enough of it.

    Compare this with a Big Mac.

    When is the last time you had to leave the house after 9 pm to satisfy a craving for that grease bomb?

    So you see, the 25 teams in this list are either so overrated, you never want to hear about them again, or incredibly underrated, and need to be seen more.

Kansas State Wildcats: Underrated

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    This is more because of a weird man-crush on Bill Snyder and Colling Klein than for any legit reason.

    Any man in his seventies that takes his team to a 10-2 season is underrated in my book.

    Throw in a quarterback with more rushing touchdowns than Trent Richardson, and we have a winner.

Texas Longhorns: Overrated

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    Texas is one of those teams that gets tons of press, and usually, they deserve it.

    However, this season is a different animal.

    Who have they beaten?

    No ranked teams, which means their best win is, what, a 27-25 squeaker against 6-6 Texas A&M?

    Unless Mack Brown has an elite quarterback, his teams struggle.

    That is definitely true this season, and will continue into bowl season.

Ohio State Buckeyes: Underrated

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    For a team that had to start a freshman quarterback, deal with all kinds of suspensions and losses and take every team's best shot, the Buckeyes fared pretty well.

    Braxton Miller is going to be a force in the B1G in years to come, and has the ability to make spectacular plays.(just ask Wisconsin)

    Florida is in trouble in the Gator Bowl.

USM Golden Eagles: Overrated

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    They beat Houston, so what.

    This team also lost to such perennial powerhouses as UAB and Marshall.

    While they will likely beat a not so great Nevada team in the Hawaii Bowl, let's tone down the kudos here.

Auburn Tigers: Overrated

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    The Tigers are just barely over .500, and have been incredibly inconsistent this season.

    While they have the potential to beat any team they play, potential does not win any games.

    It takes discipline, execution and a little luck.

    Gene Chizik, of all people, should know that.

    Against consistent opponents that have challenged the Tigers' young defense, they have really struggled.

Virginia Tech Hokies: Overrated

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    I have all the respect in the world for Frank Beamer and the Va. Tech program.

    However, this season, they have benefited from a less than stellar schedule.

    The only decent team they have faced is Clemson, twice, and we all know how that went both times.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that they are going to struggle in the Sugar Bowl.

Oklahoma Sooners: Overrated

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    You would never guess from the likely result of the Sooners' bowl game against Iowa that they are overrated.

    Forgive me, Sooner fans, but your team has been an incredible disappointment this season.

    From the upset against Texas Tech, to your two losses at the end of the season, it's been incredibly underwhelming.

    There have been a ton of key injuries for Bob Stoops' team, but the losses were more a result of Landry Jones' inexplicable mistakes than injuries.

Stanford Cardinal: Overrated

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    Tell me again, who has Stanford beaten?

    The schedule has not been all that difficult, and the Cardinal have struggle through some tough injuries.

    But are they really a top five team?

    I have a hunch that Luck and co. have benefited from their cushy schedule, and will be exposed by Okie Lite.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Overrated

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    Why are we still buying into this Notre Dame garbage?

    This team is not good.

    Brian Kelly has as much trouble picking a starting quarterback as my wife does picking a pair of shoes.

    Their one decent win is over Michigan State, not exactly a marquee victory.

Nebraska Cornhuskers: Underrated

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    Why have we shuffled this team off to the side?

    Off course they struggled this season, they had to deal with significant injuries to their All-Star defense, as well as an entirely new conference.

    However, when they get rolling, this team is tough to beat.

    The defense hits hard and flows to the ball, while Rex Burkhead is a monster at running back.

    Bo Pelini is a great coach, and he has done a great job with the hand he has been dealt this season.

Oregon Ducks: Overrated

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    Yes, the Ducks beat up most of the teams they face in the Pac-12.

    However, they cannot beat quality competition outside the conference.

    Given their history, they are going to have a tough time against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

    Winning the Pac-12 is nothing to be sneezed at, I get that, but USC beat them once, pretty convincingly, and would have been a better matchup in the conference championship.

    The Ducks are speedy, have a gimmick offense, and own the Pac-12, but cannot win the big games.

USC Trojans: Underrated

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    USC bumbled through their first four games, including a loss to Arizona State, and then a switch was flipped.

    They finished 7-1, with only one loss, a triple overtime thriller to Stanford.

    It's tough to argue that they are better than the Cardinal, given that loss, but this would be another top ten team from the Pac-12 if it were not for NCAA sanctions.

TCU Horned Frogs: Underrated

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    This team is going to be very good again next season.

    Hopefully this never catches on, but Casey Pachal has been a more than adequate replacement for Andy Dalton.

    Tack on the win in Boise, and the fact that this young team won eight in a row to finish the season, and they should be getting a little more love.

Florida State Seminoles: Overrated

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    The Seminoles are still trying to sneak by on the tradition of seasons gone by.

    Their losses this season have not been good, including defeats against such powerhouses as Virginia and Wake Forest.

    Their best win?

    A 21-7 win against 6-6 Florida.

Michigan State Spartans: Underrated

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    If it were not for B1G realignment, MSU would be all alone atop the conference and in the Rose Bowl.

    Instead, they had to face Wisconsin for the second time this season, and came out on the short end of the stick.

    After last season's debacle against Alabama, the Spartans have to face another SEC opponent, Georgia in this season's bowl game.

    Mark Dantonio's team is very scary.

    When quarterback Kirk Cousins is making good decisions, the offense can be explosive, and that defense is one of the stoutest in the country.

    Don't sleep on Sparty.

Washington Huskies: Underrated

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    The Huskies did not play well in the last half of the season.

    However, they have a quarterback by the name of Keith Price, a freshman, who will provide some fireworks against Baylor.

    If you like exciting quarterback play, make sure you catch this matchup.

    The Huskies did not beat a single ranked opponent this season, and I don't expect them to beat the Fighting RG3's, but they will hang with them for a while, and put a scare into Art Briles.

Tennessee Volunteers: Underrated

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    I know, the Volunteers did not even make a bowl game.

    However, they were bitten by injuries much harder than the average team, and were still only one game away from bowl eligibility.

    Derek Dooley has put together some incredible young talent, and this team will be in the top 25 at the end of the season next year.

Oklahoma State Cowboys: Underrated

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    One loss, to a mediocre team, immediately after a tragic event at the school.

    Forgive me if I still feel this team is being overlooked.

    At the beginning of the season, I was one of the morons that predicted they would fold, per the usual.

    However, the Cowboys have proven to be better than expected, and will make a statement against Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl.

Houston Cougars: Overrated

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    The one time they faced a halfway decent team(USM), it got ugly.

    The Cougars have a guy who puts up ridiculous numbers in quarterback Case Keenum, but it's still questionable whether they can complete with good teams.


Virginia Cavaliers: Underrated

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    Mike London has the cavaliers on a major upswing.

    The offense is not exactly explosive, but the Cavaliers' defense is stout.

    This season has been a little bit of a surprise, and those who think the Cavaliers are going to roll over for Auburn are going to be sadly mistaken...

Michigan Wolverines: Underrated

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    Even though Denard Robinson can't throw the ball worth a lick at times, this Wolverines' team is scary good.

    As a matter of fact, they should be the favorite to take the Big Ten title next season.

    The emergence of Fitz Toussaint as another credible rushing threat has pushed this offense to another level, and Brady Hoke is pulling all the right strings as coach.

    If the Wolverines play a consistent game, they can beat any team in the country.

Cincinnati Bearcats: Underrated

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    Not many teams can lost their star quarterback on offense and still win their conference, but that is exactly what Cinci did this season.

    The Bearcats suffered a devastating blow against conference rival West Virginia when Zach Collaros went down with an injury.

    It's easy to believe that the Bearcats could beaten WVU and the next team they lost to, Syracuse with Collaros at the helm.

    He will be back for their bowl game, and you should watch, this team is good.

Boise State Broncos: Overrated

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    Again, who have they beaten.

    Don't tell me Georgia, the Dawgs have beaten nobody either, an even if we count that one, that's makes the Broncos 1-1 against ranked opponents.

    They do not belong in the top ten.

    All that said, Doug Martin and Kellen Moore are beasts...both of them deserve more respect for their accomplishments than they receive.

Georgia Bulldogs: Overrated

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    Georgia fans are going to hate to hear this, but this team is extremely overrated.

    Anybody with the intelligence of a rock could have predicted this season turning out the way it did, simply after looking at the schedule.

    The Dawgs did not have to face any of the top three teams in the conference during the regular season, and lost to both of the ranked squads they faced.

    Follow that up with a spanking by LSU in the SEC Championship game, and its pretty obvious that this team struggles with any competition that is better than mediocre.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Underrated

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    I'm not out to complain about the bowl matchups, that has been done enough, and it is what it is.

    However, it would have been interesting to see Alabama in the Sugar Bowl or Fiesta Bowl and Okie Lite in the title game to see it settled on the field.

    The Tide should have beaten LSU the first time the teams met, and have the most dominating defense in the country.

    I'm not saying they should be atop LSU in the rankings, but let's not just automatically give this title game to the Tigers.