Frank Mir Looks to Be Considered Top Submission Fighter in UFC History

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2011

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Following one of the biggest wins of his career at UFC 140, Frank Mir believes he should be considered as the best submission fighter in heavyweight history. 

There certainly can be an argument made to that statement.

Mir not only defeated Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira once again, but he did it in dramatic fashion, as he applied a kimura on the Brazilian and proceeded to break his arm. 

While appearing as a special guest blog on, Mir said he intended on grappling with his opponent, as opposed to striking with him again.

"I knew he’d dive for the guillotine, and he did. It was on pretty good but I managed to get out," Mir wrote. "As it happens, I escaped and ripped his arm off. I knew he wouldn’t tap; he’s a proud warrior, so I yanked it as hard as I could. You know what happened then."

The victory gives Mir the distinction of being the first fighter to finish Nogueria by both knockout and submission.

Nogueira is widely considered as the greatest submission specialist in mixed martial arts heavyweight history, however, Mir said he deserves the right to be called the greatest submission heavyweight fighter in UFC history. 

"I think it allows you to make an argument, sure," he wrote. "I think you’d have to look at my record side-by-side with other guys, and of course there are fighters who’ve done a lot more than I have in submission-only fights, but purely in the UFC, I think I am right up there, yes."

With the win, Mir has earned his third consecutive victory and could be in title contention depending on his next bout.

In the meantime, the Las Vegas native plans to remain in shape until he is called upon to compete again.